UN-Boxing Gucci Sylvie Mini Leather Shoulder Bag (White)

Gucci Sylvie mini leather shoulder bag

Celebrating a mini milestone today on my first proper high-end purchase!

I strongly believe in the adage on only spending what you can comfortably afford. Living in what’s fast becoming an urban poor society, I have always refused to submit to the temptation of a branded bag when my living expenses are super high. Unlike my peers who are mostly blessed to still be living with their parents, I have been renting since I’ve graduated while my parents are living across the causeway. No complains on that though, it just meant that a fair bit of my income went to daily essentials and savings, leaving me with not much disposable income to spare… so why splurge on one big item, when it can be broken down to several parts right?

In fact, I once told myself (and my mom) that I’ll never buy a branded bag until I finally own a house – cuz that’s my top priority, just didn’t want to pay for rent anymore. So I resisted for many years, settled my wedding, settled my house, and will soon be paying for our reno… With my husband’s blessings, it’s about time to achieve my next goal in line right? 🙂

Gucci Sylvie mini leather shoulder bag

Yes, it’s quite small~

Fun-sized me likes fun-sized bags. My petite frame is easily overwhelmed if I carry bags that are too big… even though I love how spacious big bags are to dump everything in. Will stick to my trusty Oroton for work now, until I find THE one ❤

Gucci Sylvie mini leather shoulder bag

To be honest, I didn’t expect to make my purchase so soon as we were barely about to start on our renovation. All we did was innocently walked into the store to try things out… and ended up in the waiting list. LOL.

Gucci Sylvie mini leather shoulder bag

Tease a little more, here’s a sneak peek!

Here’s unveiling my Gucci Sylvie Mini Leather Shoulder Bag in White! Wheeee~

I forgot when or how I chanced upon it, but I remember it was love at first sight. The fusion of modern with some vintage vibe is my weakness and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. It’s edgy and classy at the same time, and will totally complement my dark wardrobe of black and navy~ Gucci really made a comeback with its new creative director!

Gucci Sylvie mini leather shoulder bag

As a result of this purchase, I sold my Furla to soften the guilt 🙊 Furla Metropolis is a good weekend bag to start with, and if you get it at outlets, it’s so worth the moolahs! Minimal maintenance too~

I bought mine because I didn’t have a proper handbag nor clutch to bring to weddings. But I do noticed it was getting a tad too common so it was time for me to move on ❤

This is perfect for important events and dates.. and I don’t have to worry that it look weird with my outfits.

Gucci Sylvie mini leather shoulder bag

Size wise, it looks bigger than my Furla but I don’t think it makes much of a diff. Would be a miracle if I can squeeze my camera in I reckon?

Gucci Sylvie mini leather shoulder bag

I waited close to a month for this, and it was the one and only pc available when my SA, Benjamin, called me to confirm. Benjamin is like one of the nicest dude at Ion Gucci, the rest are kinda meh in their services – which is just so typical in SG. Literally squealed in the office when he called me to confirm on Gucci Sylvie Mini Leather Shoulder Bag and my reservation. I simply proceeded to asked Celine out after our events with a planned timeline to adhere to 😂

And now, you’re finally mine!



  1. May 17, 2017 / 3:51 am

    Your new Gucci is beautiful! So excited for you and such a perfect first designer bag. Congrats on being so good at finances and holding off. I’ve got to learn a bit more from you.


    • Alene B.
      May 17, 2017 / 8:41 am

      Thank you for your kind words my dear! I’m really happy with my choice too 🙂
      As for my finance management, trust me, I can do better if not because of my constant splurging on clothes :p

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