Review: Bottega Verde Olivio Range

Olive oil (aka liquid gold) is well known for its benefits for skin & body; it contains anti-oxidant which helps restore skin smoothness, protects against ultraviolet light and prevents free radical damage to the skin. I have been wanting to lather them on since I’ve heard ravings on the benefits of it. 
To start with, I have pretty dry skin on both my arms and legs, especially the areas near the ankle, sometimes it gets really scaly (oops, too much info!) Furthermore, I am lazy when it comes to lotion, not exactly lazy per se, it is more like I don’t like the stickiness and the “unbreathable” skin when I slather any lotions on… so I can be quite particular about the products I try~ Today, I decided to put Bottega Verde Olivio skin and body care to a test!

Facial Oil for mature skin

Bottega Verde Olivio Facial Oil brightens, protects and intensely nourishes our skin with its silk-like texture. To be used alone or combined with your daily moisturizer; it even boasts to help mature skin look younger looking with just a few drops!

A drop of facial oil certainly goes a long way. It doesn’t feel as oily as what I was expecting (think olive cooking oil, lol) 
The drop of facial oil feels light and watery, which surpasses my expectation for it. Although Bottega Verde Olivio Facial Oil absorbs quickly into my skin without an oily afterfeel, this facial oil still felt a little too heavy for my skin. So I would highly recommend this for a more mature skin age group as stated on the bottle… like our dearest mommies?

Hand Cream for mature skin

A very rich and fragrant hand cream which feels super velvety and glides on well on my hand, with NO parabens and silicone. 
To be honest, having a home always means that a lot of washing needs to be done – eg handling detergent and other cleaning solutions, which dries up the hand. 
My hands are really in dire need of such rich hand cream, I really love this!

Body Cream for normal – dry skin

A very nourishing butter for the dry skin, I brought Bottega Verde Olivio Body Cream along my recent trip to Shanghai recently, and thank god I did! It kept my skin at bay despite the cold weather with harsh winds that had really taken a toll on my already dried skin. 
It gets quickly absorbed into my skin after my showers and my skin felt moisturized after each application. This is really recommended if you’re constantly in a/c or have a winter/dry climate trip coming right up.

Bath & Shower Gel for dry or delicate skin

This shower foam doesn’t lather too much and leaves on a hydrated and moist touch after the shower. It feels gentle on the skin, despite the lack of foam upon lathering, but the body feels clean after showering.


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