Top 5 Spring Skin Changes to Try in the New Season

The cold winter days are over and it is time to go out and enjoy the sun. Your skin is also looking forward to the warmer weather since it can finally breathe due to not being stuck underneath layers and layers of clothes. However, you should make a few adjustments to your skincare routine in order to save your skin from a shock. There are a few things to add and a few things to change, so let’s see what will make your skin happy during spring.

No heavy products

Freezing and dry air, winds and snow make us apply heavy creams on our skin in order to prevent it from drying out. Luckily, spring is here with warmer weather and increased humidity. This means you don’t have to apply layers of heavy creams and lotions on your skin anymore. It is advisable to switch to some lighter skincare products which will provide enough moisture but won’t clog up your pores. Hit the stores and look for some oil-free moisturizers which are light and smooth, but rich in nutrients. Also, look for products that have hydrating ingredients such as resveratrol which fights off free radicals, and hyaluronic acid which provides enough moisture and improves your complexion.


More antioxidants

While you should rely on antioxidants all year round, it is essential to step up your game when temperatures start rising. Warmer weather brings more sun and stronger UV rays which can damage your skin. Moreover, UV rays and free radicals that they induce can not only damage the DNA of your skin, but also lower the collagen and elastin production. That’s why you need more antioxidants to protect your skin. One way to do so is by applying light lotions and serums rich in antioxidants right after you’ve cleansed your face. Another way is by introducing plenty of antioxidant-rich food into your diet through fresh fruits and vegetables. If you need more protection, you can start taking supplements such as essential oils.

Add an eye cream

New season is always a good time to introduce new skincare products. You can even try out some new brands to freshen up your routine. However, a product that is essential during the spring is an eye cream. With more sun we are more prone to squinting which can leave some fine lines and wrinkles around our eyes. If you are new to the whole concept of eye care, then you should search for products that contain high levels of antioxidants, retinol and vitamins A and C such as the Dermalogica anti-aging eye creams.


Up the SPF game

With the increase of UV rays, your SPF game should be improved as well. Since you will be spending more time outside, your skin needs to be protected. It is recommended to use sunscreen with minimum 30 SPF or, ideally, one with 50 SPF in order to reduce the accumulation of chronic UV damage which can lead to skin cancer. Sunscreens that dermatologist mostly recommend include SkinMedica Total Defense and Repair SPF 50+ and La Roche Posay SPF 60. Additionally, you should fill your closet with beautiful broad hats and light white clothes which will provide enough shade for your skin without affecting your fabulous looks.


Don’t skip exfoliation

Exfoliation is important because it removes all dead skin cells and unnecessary oils. However, you shouldn’t over-exfoliate, since that could make your skin temporarily thinner and more prone to sunburn. It is recommended to exfoliate twice a week with some mild exfoliating products which you can even make at home. When making or buying exfoliation products, bear in mind that you should avoid rough pieces such as nuts, microbeads and shells and look for scrubs that have salts, sugars and fruit acids such as pumpkin, pineapple or papaya. Make sure to protect your skin from the sun and its effects during the warmer months. You should include some new products and some changes in diet in order to increase antioxidants in your skin, and you will be ready for the new season.

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