Back to basics with RMK Makeup Bases! (Review and Swatches)

Like any work of art, your base makeup is an importance facet that directly affects the rest of your makeup, and how long it can last without looking like a mess. Finding the perfect foundation that suits your skin type and shade is a never-ending quest that requires loads of trial and error before you eventually settle for one; and with that, I’m so stoked to be trying out RMK’s new bases that has been revamped in lieu of their 20th anniversary! I’m a huge fan of the au naturel, fresh nude look and that’s what the latest range is all about! Lightweight with a dewy finish, expect a huge variety from primers, sunblocks to liquid foundations… there’s bound to be a few that tickles your fancy~

RMK Makeup Base and RMK Long Lasting UV Swatch (both at SGD$57)

Let’s get started on the coveted RMK Makeup Base that feels really light when it glides across my skin. No sticky icky afterfeel, this primer absorbs almost immediately due to its 70% water formulation, giving a radiant finish of a healthy skin. If you love 2-in-1 primer, this RMK Long Lasting UV would be ideal to skip your sunblock application by protecting your skin against UV rays too! For ladies with combination to oily skin like me, you will be swooning after this as it helps keep sebum secretions under control while promoting hydration. I’m normally not a fan of primers as my virgin experience with a highly popular mineral one broke me out within hours :/ Thankfully, these two are nothing like that and had been really ideal in holding the fort as I battle through our humid wet weather these days.

RMK Basic Control Color Swatch (SGD$30)

If you have uneven skin, RMK Basic Control Color comes in 4 different shades to combat whatever possible problems that you may facing:
01 – Silver for luminous skin
02 – Purple for brightening dull skin
03 – Green for toning down redness/acne
04 – Coral for a healthy radiant finish

Though in my very honest opinion, I do reckon you can skip this step. I’ve always been an advocate that less is more when it comes to cosmetics; so unless you have uneven pores or really bad discoloration.. just stick to one of the two above will do!

RMK Creamy Polish Base N Swatch (SGD$58)

Another alternative to uneven skin tone would be RMK Creamy Polish Base N that helps diffuse light to give one’s skin a flawless finish. Available in 3 shades, where 00 is translucent while the other two are slightly tinted, expect your makeup to stay in place all day long while feeling moisturized. This is especially ideal for dry to normal skin.

Now that we got the base covered, let’s move on the four types of liquid foundation RMK had recently launched! To make things easier, I’ve listed them in terms of coverage from the lowest to highest, starting with…

RMK Liquid UV Foundation Swatch (SGD$70)

I like RMK Liquid UV Foundation the most simply because the texture is so lightweight and absorbs super quick. Ever since my skin improved thanks to my wedding preparations last year, I’ve been steering to light coverage to no coverage on most days. It’s funny but anything thicker just doesn’t sit well on me, so I’m pretty pleased with this almost translucent finish that works just well enough to give me even skin without much coverage but last the entire day. Resistant to sweat and sebum (tho my T-zone is still a little shiny), bonus points is given for having SPF50+ PA+++ and a blend of superior moisturizing agents to keep my skin thoroughly hydrated all day long~ Expect a really natural, my skin but better kind of finish throughout the day with zero streaks!

RMK Liquid Foundation Swatch (SGD$70)

Next comes the popular choice that gives you buildable light – medium coverage. Signature RMK Liquid Foundation thst gives one natural-looking skin with a flawless finish. With its 60% water-base formulation, the application feels weightless though the coverage is surprisingly there! The waterproof formulation also means that your skin is protected against perspiration and water, it makes little wonder why all my girlfriends are raving about it.. RMK Liquid Foundation truly is the perfect foundation for our humid weather!

RMK Liquid Foundation Swatch (SGD$70)

Fun fact: the first digit in RMK Foundation is always either 1 (for yellow undertones) or 2 (pink undertones), whereas the 3rd digit (from 1 to 5) determines the shade from lightest to darkest in ascending order. Personal preference, I like steering towards foundation with pink undertones as I always felt that my skin is quite yellow :/ FYI, in terms of BB Cushion, I’m a Laneige #21, YSL #30; and when it comes to foundation, I’m a Dior #20, Shu Uemura #764 and La Mer #21.

RMK Liquid Foundation Swatch in Coffee Brown Swatch(SGD$70)

This coffee brown shade caught me by surprise as it was such a drastic change from the entire range, and is the only foundation shade without SPF. All in all, it takes one to actually test RMK Liquid UV Foundation out to truly understand what the hype is about. I didn’t think much about it (other than the weightless application), until I was checking my skin out in the ladies and realize how my T-zone is not even half as shiny as it usually is. Zero streaks and my oily skin is under control! Woah!

RMK Gel Creamy Foundation Swatch (SGD$89)

Moving on to RMK Gel Creamy Foundation that has a thicker and creamier consistency as compared to the watery two above, this gel foundation definitely have high coverage while giving you a fresh, dewy finish. It surprisingly fits well with my skin despite its moisturizing ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid and Royal Jelly Extract; most likely due to the sebum-absorbing powder particles that ensure my makeup last the entire day. But if I were to compare it with the two liquid foundation above, I would prefer the liquid version as it adheres to my skin better in our weather. Although the gel foundation doesn’t streak much, especially when compared to my usual culprits, I would rather keep this for cold and dry weather.

RMK Creamy Foundation N Swatch (SGD$82)

Last but not least, comes the highest coverage of them all. Available in 7 shades with SPF28, RMK Creamy Foundation N has a melting sensation when applied to give your skin the suppleness and radiance otherwise lost in a taut skin. Infused with Argan Oil and Shea Butter, the “Stretch Film” technology allows your skin to cheat your fine lines a little as the foundation moves smoothly despite constant facial movements. Unlike RMK Liquid Foundation Swatch and RMK Gel Creamy Foundation that comes in a pump, I was surprised to see this bottles comes with a handy spatula in the lid. I do find it a little hard to dig the product out, but on hindsight, it does help prevent product wastage as I have a tendency to “overpump” 😡

Shade 102 suits me the best, so I’ve decided to swatch them all for your reference in terms of texture and slight color difference. I’ve also swatched shade 202 so you can deduce how the difference in undertones does make a slight difference. I’ll update this space as I go along experimenting the foundations and base so do check by on this space constantly!

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed with the choices available, why not pop by RMK’s counter at Takashimaya Shopping Centre from 14 – 17 April to participate in their beauty workshops? Led by RMK makeup artists and skincare experts from Japan, you will be in for a treat as you pick up all the J-beauty trends and know what product will suit you best! x



  1. Morgana
    September 9, 2018 / 11:51 am

    This brand makes such nice base products, but I have such trouble matching with my pale skin! In these pics it looks like the 101 shade in the liquid foundation might be cheaper than the 101 shade in the gel creamy (what I have) – is that true? Tysm 🙂

    • Alene B.
      September 9, 2018 / 12:20 pm

      Hi there! Yes you’re right, the liquid foundation is much cheaper and I personally love the UV liquid foundation the most. It gives perfect coverage yet it super lightweight on my skin 🙂

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