Summing up: 2017 First Quarter

My first quarter of the year have been pretty hectic for me (as expected); one minute I was travelling, next I’m back juggling between month end closing … just when I thought it’s all over, I left my honeymoon job and got started on a new role! Honeymoon only because the past 9 months was a breeze, perfect work-life balance with almost zero stress. But, alas, good things never last and now I’m off to a new adventure in an environment I’m deliriously happy to be in! Gambatte!

Having quite a lot of free time to spare while doing all the waiting (be it transit or getting work started), I have been doing quite a bit of blog-hopping – a luxury I used to have as a student, for more tips and inspiration to better myself. This explains why I’ve got myself started on this “quarterly review” to ensure that my blog doesn’t get too commercialized, especially since I’m not as active on dayre. I used to celebrate the idea of having one and was encouraging all my girlfriends to join the bandwagon, until I realize how risky and controversial it was when I have no idea of my stats nor knowing who is silently stalking. It came to a point that brands could not accept unadulterated facts and privacy no longer exist… I might as well just keep it within my blog, at least I own the statistics right? In the meantime, I will also take this opportunity to re-introduce some blogposts you might have missed over the past 3 months.. just for your reading pleasure!

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That being said, I’ve also been focusing on decluttering my room as building my home will be my big focus for next quarter. My room has recently exploded from all the goodies to the point that there’s too much to clean up and I just can’t find anything anymore! Boohoo 🙁 Being ever the optimist, I took this as an opportunity to properly sieve out brands and products I truly love. As a beauty blogger, sometimes we get so piled up with all the new launches, we tend to get confused between the good and mediocre ones while treating our face as guinea pigs. The thing is, less is definitely more so I’ve decided to split the task between my two permanent writers, whom I shall now take the time to properly introduce to you!

Van used to hoard on loads of makeup from Sephora but was unable to play with them due to her former occupation as a military girl (airforce, if I may add!). In fact, that was how we met initially through a MINDEF event as seen (here).. try spotting her! I was in awe with her and we bonded over our love for beauty ever since 🙂 She is now one of the two brains behind Rebelle Activewear that advocates gorgeous sportswear, especially for ladies who are into pole-dancing! I’m totally lusting over her unicorn collection and have been pestering her to launch a pants version so I can start wearing them to yoga~ Here are some of her beauty reviews, in case you’ve missed it:

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On the other hand, Valene and I met each other through the online community of OOTDs and mutual virtual friends. A domestic goddess who is obsessed over lipsticks and skincare, she is also a home stylist at I’Dzigner! We are in the midst of discussion on my upcoming home renovation, hopefully all goes well *finger crossed*

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I do hope that the variety in content and writing style will continue to intrigue and enrich you, with some occasional guest writers with very interesting content! As we welcome Spring, I’ve finally finished some skincare (oh that sense of satisfaction as it reaches the last drip) so let’s talk about beauty empties~

I’ve been pretty religious in my current routine though I reckon it’s about time I switch it up a little cuz my breakouts are making a comeback. So anyway, I’m back to collecting my empties for this quarterly routine to at least keep up with my reviews! I must admit to always being so blessed to constantly have my Estee Lauder ANR Serum replenished by Adeline, I never have to worry about running low in supply with them… And when something is good, one should just continue using right? This should be my 3rd or 4th bottle at the moment, and though I will be very frank with you and say there’s no life changing difference at the moment, it is my only anti-aging product I’m using at the moment cuz it is so lightweight and doesn’t break me out. I believe time will eventually tell as I age?

I’m so happy to have finally finished my Shu Uemura POREfinist Anti-Shine Fresh Cleansing Oil! Meant for normal to oily skin types and acne-prone skin (tick all my boxes man), I use this on dry hands and face for the optimum efficacy. I used to only use cleansing oil/makeup remover when I apply makeup; but ever since Dr GL told me the importance of using makeup remover to properly remove sunblock after a long day, there’s no turning back. So far so good with this cleansing oil, it didn’t cause breakouts/comedones or even those oil seeds so I definitely won’t mind re-purchasing this again.

Also happy that my Fresh Rose Floral Toner is all used up! Doubling up as a facial mist, it is super handy to use in the morning where I just spritz it on my face after cleansing, apply moisturizer and sunblock and voila~ I’m done. Just as I bid goodbye to this, Fresh sent me their newly launched Deep Hydration Floral Toner! Can’t wait to dig into it! When it comes to body lotions, I tend to speed through them as my dry, eczema-prone skin demands loads of moisturizing. Formulated for dry and sensitive skin, The Body Shop Almond Milk & Honey Body Butter doesn’t fail to give my problematic skin its much needed nourishment.. All I can say is, TBS have never failed me when it comes to their body butters; I’ve nothing but compliments for them.

Last but not least, Klurskin Hylauronic Acid + Vitamin C Serum is an indie skincare I’ve found on Urbanoutfitters! I’ve actually super interested in checking out indie brands these days as their minimalistic packaging and no-nonsense product appeals to me. Too much fluff sometimes do make me quite overwhelmed on what’s exactly good, no? And boy do I love this product. Lightweight, absorbs super quick and smells of beautiful citrus without being tart. Can’t wait for my next UO haul! Though that being said, I reckon my next quarter will be focusing on decluttering and maximizing storage space as I prepare for the big move! My husband warned me to never complain about the lack of space when we move into our new house cuz there’s definitely room for two (and more) in our humble abode. The thought of it excites me already and I just can’t wait to move on to the next stage of my life 🙂 Shall keep you guys updated! x


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