My Tokyo Shopping Haul! – On Food, Samantha Thavasa Bags & Random Household Stuff! (2016)

On food

Japan’s supermarket is really worth spending time shopping in as they have such interesting choices! My favorite is this Amano Foods brand that stocks a huge selection of instant food such as risotto, oyakodon, lotsa of miso soups variety, some noodles and even tom yum kung and kimchi soup if you’re lucky. Easily found in all supermarkets at about $3-$4 each, I love stocking up for last minute OTs and sudden hunger pangs at work 😊

These gummies are much cheaper than Singapore too, ¥80 – ¥100, depending on where you buy them.

My favorite breath mints! Got my girlfriends hooked on ever since I offered them 😛 They have a variety of flavors but this is still the best and most value for money in my opinion. Mostly found at drugstores and convenience stores, they are at ¥360 each.

P.S Warning! Don’t ever buy the transparent breathmints alternative. They taste so horrible its akin to consuming medicine!

More instant soup choices if you’re a fan. Lobster bisque at the sides, onion soup in the middle. I find the former kinda creamy and slightly diluted but boy does the Japanese makes the best instant onion soup! Taste better than drinking from the shops!

Condiments that are worth lugging home for:
– Amazing garlic butter spread that comes in mentaiko flavor too, so yummy
– Wasabi mayo that had my dad stocking up for more
– Salad sauce that are cheaper than our local stores
– And of course, Okonomiki sauce that’s good for Tonkatsu too!

More mints anyone? This is one of the better lemon mint brands out there that taste of real lemon

Honey from Sugi Bee Honey! We chanced upon it on our way back from Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine and started stocking on a few favorites after trying the samples. They have quite a number of outlets within Tokyo, or you can order it the Japanese way and have it delivered to your hotel; fuss-free and easy 🙂

The difference in size between small (top) and big (bottom) featuring our #1 picks! They aren’t exactly cheap but definitely make a healthier alternative to our usual sweet bottled drinks. You can double them up as ice cream or yogurt toppings too 🙂 We are definitely stocking up again on our next trip!

How can I forget Nissin Cup Noodles in exotic flavors like Curry and Shark Fin? Sometimes you may even chance upon crazier ones like matcha, cheese tomato etc! Hello Kitty fans will be delighted to collect kawaii zip locks as seen above. The Bourbon chocolate waffles are a hot favorite among our colleagues cuz it is not overly sweet (nor expensive)~

If you’re a fan of gums, like my husband is, simply pop by their convenient stores and grab a few bottles. My husband love these bulky Clorets one to chew on when he drives, and they conveniently comes in a mini paper booklet to tear and dispose on when you’re done.

Duty-free food shopping

I’m still not done yet! Let’s move on to more food shopping that you can do before flying off. I know that most of us will go crazy on Tokyo Banana, Shiroi Koibito Cookies, Royce chocolates etc, especially on our virgin trip to Tokyo. Heck, my family and I were buying them in every train station only to realize we could save them all until the very last day at the airport without eating into our luggage space too. Japan practice the law of one price on as much commodities as possible, so you never have to worry about crazy fluctuations just because you missed on a certain shop.

Let’s not ignore these pretty bottles of alcohol (ranging from whiskey to sake) that would look great on your bar counters too. In general, alcohol is really cheap in Japan, especially their local produce like beers, shochu and umeshu etc. You can easily get them for less than $20 in the supermarkets too and they taste good~

More chips to snack on! These Calbee prawn crackers are much yummier than the ones we have here, just buy!

These are utterly random. I bought them just because I like to snack on them when I’m stressed. LOL

From Tokyuhands

Another one of those moments where my nesting instinct came to play. I love using this handy chopping board so much to the point that everyone in the house started using it too (I rent a place) and it makes me feel icky. Eventually stop using and bought a new one for my future house instead.

More aunty stuff. This one to scrub off all tough residue after you cook. Parents swore by it so why not.

Putitto figure series if you’re a fan of kawaii animals and anime characters hanging off your cups, or even your monitor!

I bought quite a variety as Christmas gifts for my colleagues along with some supposedly idiot-proof plants that just needs religious watering. Somehow my colleague is having difficulty growing the wild strawberry plant though… so I’m not sure if mine will grow eventually :p


Not sure if you’ve hear of Colors by Jennifer Sky, but they are supposedly the sister brand of Samantha Thavasa, and are much cheaper too. This tote is only ¥4,800 before tax, though I must admit that the material quality is definitely much lower when compared to Samantha Thavasa.

They actually had a kitty collection previously, which I have missed, so this cutesy cardholder will suffice for now.

Now onwards to my Samantha bag haul.. I’ve always had a weakness for bags and unintentionally unleashed it after a year of not buying anything new. My previous Hello Kitty handbag from Samantha had proven its quality and durability (despite it being off white), so I felt that this splurge was justifiable this time round 😡 So I bought a Samantha Vega mini weekend handbag…

a pastel Samantha Vega blue work tote…

and Samantha Thavasa Deluxe mini bag pack! Pastel collection complete!


Don’t forget to check out the “dollar stores” that varies from ¥100 to ¥300, depending on which store you pop into. I like to stock up on cheap wet wipes for emergencies.

If you’re into washi tape, you may also chance upon adorable ones..

They come with a tape dispenser too!

More Hello Kitty~~

Glassware be it for flatlays or household

More Sanrio Ziplocks~~

This was not from a dollar shop by the way, but one of those pop up stores at Shinagawa stations. Reusable plastic flower vase that doesn’t take up too much space!

The very last but not least… Uniqlo shopping! I won’t consider a Japan haul complete if you do not stock up on thermal wear and whatnots from Uniqlo. In fact, make it a point to pop by during weekends for additional discounts. I basically settled 80% of my winterwear at Uniqlo without leaving me flat broke, you should too!

Thanks for reading my extremely image heavy and crazy haul from my Tokyo trips in 2016. Please feel free to leave a comment should you have any questions and I will be more than happy to answer them for you 🙂 As I have many friends who are planning for a trip to Tokyo soon, do camp for my upcoming Tokyo itinerary to help you plan your trip with ease. It would be great if you guys can share with me on vital information you’ll be needing so that I can include it in my post as well. I’ll blog soon!! x


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