Estee Lauder Real Cheeky Pure Color Envy Blush and Contour Kit – Holiday 2016

Hi lovelies! It’s Van again! Wow I can’t believe it’s almost March, because this just shows how late I am with this review of the Estee Lauder Real Cheeky Pure Color Envy Blush and Contour Kit, HOLIDAY, yes HOLIDAY 2016, two-zero-one-six edition….. Oops!

Despite my tardiness, this lovely palette still deserves a thorough review because three of these six Pure Color Envy shades are still readily available today. Pink Ingenue, Rebel Rose and Lover’s Blush can be purchased as singles, while the Luminizer, Sculpting Bronzer and Rosy Glow are limited edition shades.

As you can see from the pictures, the six blushers are housed in a cute red and polka-dotted cardboard box, which reminds me of a cookie tin. It even comes with a little card with some basic instructions on how to use the blushers to achieve two different looks, which to be honest, aren’t really very useful…

Verdict? Apart from the cute polka-dots, I think that the packaging is a MAJOR fail. It’s unnecessarily bulky, and just getting to the blushers is a massive chore because you have to wiggle the top half of the box pretty violently to remove it. I also have no idea where this belongs on my vanity area, because it just takes up so much space. I ended up stuffing it in my sock drawer, lol. Oh and the funniest thing? This was touted by Estee Lauder as a stocking-stuffer. Whose stockings? Shrek’s??? Well, I suppose I *could* repot the blushers, but because the box is so well glued together, it would be a bit of an effort to knock all the six blushers out without damaging them.

I haven’t tried repotting, so I have no idea what the inside looks like. But I know I definitely won’t risk it because these blushers are GORGEOUS! It’s really such a pity that they come in such clunky packaging because I actually really like the luminosity of all the colours. They are all pretty sheer, so you don’t have to worry about being too heavy-handed and ending up looking like you’ve just stepped off a getai stage. These blushers all contain a bit of shimmer, and all colours are pretty universal, making them suitable for almost any skin tone.

Here’s what they look like on my very tanned skin! I had to really work the Luminizer as it didn’t swatch well, but that means it’d be just perfect on my skin for just a hint of highlight without looking overly shiny. My favourite is Lover’s Blush, a pinkish taupe that makes me look healthy – like as if I’d just worked out. Pink Ingenue and Rebel Rose are a little bit similar, just that Pink Ingenue is a little cooler and has a more pinkish tone (hence the name I guess?) compared to Rebel Rose, which is a little rosier (I’m getting really good at these descriptors huh) and redder. The Luminizer and Sculpting Bronzer are quite the dream duo for anyone who wants to try a bit of contouring; they’re pretty much an idiot proof pair – just sweep on your cheek and blend. Rosy Glow is a sparkly, saccharine pink that’s not really my thing, but on days when I feel a bit girlier, I’d reach for this one!

So packaging fail aside, I thought this was actually a really useful palette. It’s got blushers that are versatile, and suit different moods, and the contour duo really makes this a handy all-in-one palette that would brighten up any cheekbone 🙂 Unfortunately, this was a limited edition palette and well, it’s way past Holiday 2016 so this isn’t available anymore, but for less of the bulk/clunkiness, the three shades of Pure Color Envy Blush (Rebel Rose, Lover’s Blush and Pink Ingenue) are definitely worth picking up as singles. Who knows while you’re at it, you might find another gorgeous shade in the Pure Color Envy range that you might like too! There are, according to the website, 13 other shades available. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!


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