Eucerin AquaPorin Active Mist

Over the span of 2 years, I have actually accumulated quite a lot of face mists without quite intending to. It has come to a point that I even started replacing my toner with mists in the morning, and developed the habit of carrying a bottle everywhere I go. Thermal sprays/facial mists are ideal for modern women as it provides a quick pick me up to hydrate and refresh one’s skin throughout the day.

Currently, Eucerin AquaPorin Active Mist is a preferred pick when I’m travelling, especially on flights. It not only just hydrate your skin on the go, it actually increases your hydration level from within by activating one’s skin moisture distribution channels – thanks to their Aquaporin formula. In fact, Eucerin AquaPorin Active Mist contains active ingredients such as Glycerin to lock in moisture while Gluco Glycerol locks in long-lasting hydration too. Yes this mist is all about hydrating your face as much as possible for comfortable happy skin any time~

I personally love how fine and evenly distributed Eucerin AquaPorin Active Mist is when sprayed on my face, not to mention how soothing my skin felt despite the poor air circulation within the plane. It also helps rebalance pH levels, is non-sticky and of course, is perfectly fine to calm even the most sensitive skin. Anyone else a fan of their mist too? x


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