Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s Stimula® V-Shape Cell Rejuvenation Facial Treatment at Annabelle Skin

Compared to my pre-wedding preparations, my facials have significantly gone down ever since and boy do I miss them so! I am not ashamed to admit my addiction to facials, having my clogged pores squeezed and then soothed by different mask concotions were so vital to keeping my skin happy… so how can I not jump to the occasion when Annabelle Skin offered me to experience their new Dr.Belter Cosmetic Stimula® V-Shape Cell Rejuvenation treatment?! The coveted V-shaped face is constantly in demand, especially with all the feasting we have been indulging in for the past few months. My face must have gained some weight too -.-

First up, a scan to analysis my skin texture and what my skin is needs at Annabelle Skin. Located at The Adelphi, Annabelle Skin believes strongly in customizing treatments to an individual’s skin accordingly and is known to combine traditional method with advanced technology! Using cult German skincare brand, this facial treatment is all about Dr.Belter Cosmetic’s new »stimula®« line: V-Shape Cell Rejuvenation Treatment.

Dr.Belter Cosmetic is known for their natural, dermatologically sensible skin care using its renowned GreenTec formulations that combines natural organic ingredients with a high level of innovative promedical active ingredients. This new vegan V-shape treatment targets to contour and firm one’s skin to achieve that elusive V-shaped face without having to go under the knife! It is suitable for all skin types and is especially effective for regenerating demanding skin and for those facing troubles with slack chin-line. The treatment helps to activate lymphatic flow through massage techniques while stimulating cell and skin renewal. It also helps to strengthen the skin while refining pores.

My lovely therapist started with the usual double cleanse, before applying Dr Belter’s Intense Peeling Cream to gently exfoliate and prep my skin for the upcoming steps. Active Stimula PhytoCell Glow Serum was applied before massaging the Revialising Cream onto my face, using lympahtic drainage techniques. I especially love this part as I find my therapist’s techniques super soothing~

Next up, comes the Dr Belter stimulating cupping massage to stimulate lymph / blood flow. This firming V-shape cupping technique is not at all painful, nor does it leaves awkward bruises like the traditional cupping massage would.

Then finally, we have this super adorable mask where Modelage Thermo Mask was applied on my face before wrapping it all up with hot v-shaping gauze bandage to make me look so adorably puffy. I keep chuckling to myself when I look at this picture, lol.

I’ve taken a few angles and I reckon this picture does the best justice to the before (top) and after (below) of the efficacy in reducing my slack chin line after my 90 minutes treatment. Goodbye double chin? Haha. Overall, I find this treatment a good fix-me-up with zero downtime – that’s vital if you have an important event to attend, but have little time to prepare. The entire process was just like any other facial, relaxing and therapuetic, with no hard-selling. Of course, this instant miracle won’t last forever so I reckon it’s good to either make it a monthly treat or just save it on that special occasion to look your very best! x


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