4 Ways to Look Beautiful for Less

In the 21st century, lasting beauty comes with a rather steep price tag – or does it, really? Not necessarily. A lady doesn’t need a lot of cash to look her finest, granted she knows how to make her beauty bank count. If you’re short on the beauty dollar stretching know-how, you’ve come to the right place: here are the top four lessons you can use to pull off a top-notch lady look for less than you’d expect.

1. A Friendly Hand Can Go a Long Way

Why leave hundreds of dollars every year at the beauty parlor if you can use the cash to stage a party for your besties and use the chance to do each other’s hair and nails while catching up? By having a friend or female family member do your manicure or trim your tresses for the same return favor, you’ll both get to save a decent amount of money down the road and pick up tricks of the beauty trade from each other. Whoever said girls’ night in was all about Sex and The City? By staging a beauty-themed party, you and your friends will get to scoop both a beauty upgrade and tons of fun while at the same time cutting monthly beauty expenses.

2. Double-Duty Makeup and Cosmetics

Premium-quality cosmetics usually come with a matching price, which can turn the project of re-stocking the beauty station into a full-blown financial crisis. Instead of stretching the beauty supply replenishment project to a few months, opt for double-duty products, such as mascaras which can double as eyeliners, or makeup removers-come-skin tonics. You can find a range of superior-quality 2-in-1 facial products at Peter’s of Kensington at a highly competitive price, so don’t stress your budget needlessly: you don’t really need all those products in separate bottles to look your best.

3. Facial Regimen Laced with Fridge Content

Another simple trick to hack organic beauty is to tap into the power of fresh ingredients and use them to make your own facial masks, hair packs, moisturizers, and other beauty essentials. Believe it or not, everything you need to make first-rate homemade cosmetics is probably sitting in your kitchen already. Kitchen staples such as honey, Greek yoghurt, fruit, and baking soda are a lady’s best friend when it comes to DIY beauty regimens, and they’re also much healthier for your skin and hair than chemical-laden commercial products. If you want to bring out your natural beauty, head over to your pantry and commit a raid right away: you’ll be saving cash and feeding your skin and hair first-rate nutrients by a single blow.

4. Make Your Own Personal Hygiene Supplies

Skin care and hair masks aren’t the only personal care products where your pantry content can come in useful: you can use basic household staples to make deodorants and soaps as well. Everyday household essentials such as sugar, salt, baking soda, coconut oil, and essential oils are all it takes for you to make a roll-on deodorant, facial scrub, toothpaste, or bubble bath salt. You can find various tutorials online to help you put together a DIY beauty nook: not only will you be trimming your long-term cosmetics expenses, but you’ll also get to experiment a bit and ensure that every ingredient you use is actually good for you, not just a beauty brand’s bottom line.

Trimming down your beauty costs doesn’t have to require extensive sacrifices in terms of either quality or quantity of cosmetics you normally use. Use the four tricks listed above and you’ll slice your monthly spending by hundreds of dollars – and if you really want to get the biggest bang for your beauty buck, you can use the cash you save in the next few months to enroll in a beauty course and turn it into a lucrative side job. You’re welcome!

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