La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum Review

Travel – Laundry – Closing – Squeeze some events event between – Cycle repeats

I dare not call myself a jetsetter, but it seems to be the case for the first quarter as I see myself living in and out of suitcases. The younger me would have relish the opportunities and the fun (who wouldn’t when holidays actually mean holidays in school), but me being in my late 20s, I’m worrying about work, deadlines and… my skin’s adaptability between dry and humid climates. Its first sign of stress usually start from random breakouts before getting all dry and patchy. After what happened in early 2016, I was quite worried in going through that dry phase again with nothing to rescue – since my vanity is targeted for combination skin only. Lucky me, I managed to lay hands on La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum right before my trip and decided to put it to a test!

Please ignore my hideous nails, I’m obviously in dire need of a manicure right now, before my next trip!

La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum was inspired by the earth moisture’s balance and developed to ensure a healthy moisture cycle to boost skin’s natural healing. You can expect your skin to be flooded by high-speed hydration and look forward to it being replenished and revitalized, not forgetting a rush of energizing miracle broth and two sea-sourced ferments (deep hydration and youth activating ferment) to awaken your parched skin! All in all, allowing your skin to attract and hold moisture while renewing and repairing deep within – just like a mini ecosystem within your skin. What’s interesting about this serum is that you can either use it on its own, or layer with another serum of different properties to optimize whatever your skin needs.

Based from my past winter experience in Tokyo, I decided to bring along my La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum to give it a test and see how it will deter my skin from drying up. Unlike the usual serums I’m used to, I would say that the serum was slightly thicker than usual, thus taking a little longer to be absorbed. Nothing that worries me as I go about with my other beauty routine. Once completely absorbed, there’s zero greasiness nor stickiness, allowing me to proceed on with my moisturizer + sunblock and I’m good to go. I use it both morning and night so as to ensure that my skin remains healthy and hydrated, while being protected against external aggressors.

I’m pleased to report that the results had been nothing but amazing, my skin didn’t show any signs of stress/fatigue – apart from my inevitable hormonal acne. It gives me the confidence to continue using La Mer Revitalizing Hydrating Serum even when I’m back in humid Singapore, to ensure that my skin continues to diligently be renewed as I prepare for my upcoming trip to Germany! Freshly launched this month, I urge you to give it a go and share with me your findings. Afterall, even oily skin needs intense hydration deep within so as to prevent the production of more oil.. why not? x


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