FANCL Tense Up (Collagen Beauty Drink)

Recently, I’ve attended a FANCL event with my beauty blogging gfs and it was so much fun! A twist from the usual, we were taught plating and had to create a dish of our own.. with no receipe prepared beforehand. Our winning dish (pictured as #1) was eventually a mojito-inspired mocktail where we added a dash of FANCL Tense Up Collagen drink instead of the given syrup for better flavor :B Thanks to that, I got to lug 4 boxes of FANCL Tense Up home. Woohoo!!

It’s no secret that collagen is the key to having firm and supple skin. I was actually religiously consuming collagen supplements before my wedding and my skin was looking so plump up and radiant, only to disappear after my wedding ended (cuz I’ve stopped). FANCL Tense Up provides a daily replenishment of 2600mg collagen, nothing more nothing less, as it has been scientifically proven to be the ideal dosage needed. If you haven’t heard, too much of collagen can actually result in the decrease of effectiveness and cause weight gain instead, all because the body is unable to break them down! FANCL’s Tri-peptide collagen molecules are small enough to pass through the digestive system to be absorbed into the skin directly for optimal result, resulting in firmer and brighter skin too 🙂 In fact, it also boast to help shrink pores; now that’s definitely a benefit I’m looking forward to!

Just got started on FANCL Tense Up Collagen drink recently and I’m loving it so far! Ideally, it’s better advise to drink it daily before sleep but there’s no right or wrong, it’s just so convenient. I like to pop a bottle of FANCL Tense Up into my bag each day and have it during my journey to work. Doubles up as a healthier alternative when I have LBP too thanks to its sweet zesty taste. I consider consuming collagen a long-term investment in terms of prevention for saggy skin and fine lines; in the mean time, it doubles up as a maintenance for radiant and healthier skin that recovers faster. Shall report back after I’m done consuming all 4 boxes.. ’til the next! x


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