#Operationkitties: Pre-Wedding Shoot with Zwedding Part 3 of 3

Saving the best for the last of my Zwedding Pre-Wedding series, this is without a doubt my favorite of the lot. I reckon this is also the most preferred shoot among my IG followers, whom (may I be unabashed to say) likened it to a royalty shoot! Perhaps it was the gorgeous shade of royal blue on lace and sparkly tulle, paired with a bespoked crown that’s so elegant, I ended up wearing it for my AD wedding too 🙂

Words can’t describe how much I love this gown and was already contemplating for my AD too, but Zwedding wow-ed me with more choices. Hees. This was also picked from Zwedding x Chijmes Bridal Show, in which a similar mermaid design was picked by Mei Ting for her AD – do look out for it!

A tip for future brides-to-be is to always try and win tickets to Zwedding Bridal Shows; it gives you a better gauge of how you would like your gowns to be and the variety of options available, especially if you’re into beautiful bridal and evening couture. From my experience of previous Zwedding Bridal Shows, there will also be a variety of vendors around to make it a one stop shop to kickstart your research process. Browse around, ask more questions without feeling pressurized to make a decision immediately… why not?


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