#Operationkitties: Pre-Wedding Shoot with Zwedding Part 1 of 3

When it comes to outdoor shoot, especially in parks/reservoirs, one should never underestimate the magic of a light gown. It helps ease my mobility when trekking through uneven grounds, and I love the thoughtfulness of Zwedding for choosing such a versatile gown for me. It reminded me of the convertible dresses that was all the rage few years ago: toga, off-shoulder, halter neck and whathaveyou; one gown many styles sure saved me the hassle of having to find a god-forbidden toilet to change into for variety!

I’ll let the pictures speak for itself on how beautiful a spot Zwedding have choosen for me; it felt like everywhere but Singapore, definitely saved us the trip and extra cost of travelling for an overseas shoot. Unsurprisngly, this series turned out to be a hot favorite in Zwedding as compared to my other styled shoot! Perhaps I should show you guys the album version as well? 🙂

P.S Beautiful floral crown and bouquet from HelloFlowersSg

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