Guest Post by Your Friendly Cabin Crew: Airplane Etiquette

Happy Chinese New Year my little kitties; may the Year of the Monkey presents you new horizons, fresh opportunities and new hopes! If you have been following me at dayre (@paperkitties), you would have known that I am once again back in Tokyo to 避年. This time round, however, I decided to add in something fun during the festive season; I have rounded up two of my girlfriends to guest-post on their forte for your reading pleasure 😀 The first guest blogger is a dear girlfriend of mine frequently found flying up in the air. There was once, after her angsty post on rude passengers, we joked about how amusing it is to actually feature that as a topic on my blog.. to have you readers put yourself in her shoes and learn some basic airplane etiquette. It’s not hard really and could even earn you some brownie points!

Going on holiday? Great! As the first point of contact to what is going to be the best vacation of your life, we the cabin crew onboard, hope to make it a great one for you. But please please please, do also try to be considerate towards us and the rest of the passengers onboard?

Here are some things you can do that would be greatly appreciated!

Follow Your Cabin Crew’s Instructions

You do know that the tray table, cup holder, handset, footrest and bags have to stowed, and the window shades have to be drawn up for take off and landing right? Come on, the safety video already told you to do so. These are safety regulations set in place for a reason, so please just listen to us. If not for your own safety, then at least for your fellow passengers onboard.

Imagine if we had to evacuate all the passengers in the event of an emergency but everyone’s tray tables were down and their bags strewn on the aisles. How long would that take you to evacuate?! You would all be falling over each other!

Bring Only The Specified Number of Bags Onboard

You’re allowed one cabin bag (of a certain weight depending which airline you fly) and your personal handbag. So I really don’t understand it when I see people with 4 big bags coming onboard?? We have limited space onboard. Have you considered where other passengers are going to stow their bags if you took up their space?

Also, if your bag if reeeally heavy, have the courtesy to carry the bag WITH us. Do you really think we’re that much stronger than you and would be able to carry your bag when you can’t? Especially when we’re half your size?

Please and Thank You

Need us to help you stow your bags? Sure, but only if you actually OPEN YOUR MOUTH and ask politely. Not point at your bag then at the overhead compartments. We are not playing charade here.

Need a hot drink to warm you up during the flight? We would be more than happy to oblige. What would make us even happier is if you ask politely and thank us for the drink! The sheer number of people onboard who lack basic courtesy would surprise you. *shakes head*

Keep The Toilets Clean And Dry

If you think about it, there are only 6 toilets onboard for 300 passengers to use throughout a 13 hour flight. Of course we make our best efforts to clean the toilets regularly, but what difference would it make if after each round of cleaning that the toilets be wet and dirty again?

If keeping the toilets dry if too difficult for you, at least flush it and throw your used tissues where they’re supposed to go, and NOT on the toilet floor.

Don’t Get Angry At Us Over Things We Cannot Control

Oh poor thing your flight got delayed?! You wasted 1 hour waiting at the holding gate?! WELL GUESS WHAT. So did we. There definitely is a legit reason for the delay (maybe the skies were too foggy etc), and taking off could have been dangerous. I’m sure you want to safely reach your destination, yes? So seriously, don’t get angry at us over such things – we’re not weather gods.
Oh no, we ran out of your choice of meal??? Getting angry at us won’t change that fact. In fact, crew meals are always the first to be sacrificed! Yup, we’d rather give up OUR choice of meal so you can get YOURS. But once we’re out of even our meals, there really isn’t anything else we can do. Please try to see that we are already trying our best, and we would appreciate it if you could cut us some slack.

Keep Your Legs Away From The Aisle When You Sleep

In case you haven’t noticed, we still have to work even when you’re sleeping. We still have to walk up and down the small aisle, except now in complete darkness. Having your legs sticking out in the aisle is an accident waiting to happen! Try carrying a tray full of drinks in the dark with 10 legs sticking out a small aisle. I cannot count the number of times I’ve tripped over someone’s leg and almost fell.

Do Not Touch Us

There are many ways to get our attention. You could call out to us or press the call button, but please do not tug at our uniforms or poke our butts or thigh because that’s at your arm level and convenient. We’re service providers, not animals in a zoo. We would really appreciate it if you treated us with more respect.

I shall stop here because already I’m starting to sound like a naggy mom. But these are really the simple things you can do that we would appreciate! Happy crew = Happy YOU! ☺

Your Friendly Cabin Crew

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