Christmas 2015!

dad: “hello miss, you look like there’s a christmas tree growing out of your hair”

😒😒😒 apparently his green hair jokes are far from over..

And now I’m cruising back to my hometown! Forced dad to be at work today just so I can take his car home, instead of queuing and squeezing with the perpetual crowd ✌🏻️

This is my contribution to the dinner table tonight: dessert wine! Bought it when I was at Margaret River, this apple vanilla flavor is meant to exude summer vibes!

I really must be old to start thinking that bringing wine to parties is a good idea when I’m not sure what to get 😣 However for me, I only buy moscato/dessert wine/the amazing liquer shiraz because I prefer them to the whites and reds. Some may call it beginner wine but I don’t care, 我喜欢!💁🏼

Dad: “you’re getting so old your hair is growing mold”

😒😒😒 Staphhhhh ittttt!

Oh no here’s another one..

Dad: “Come stand beside your sis.. Your hair blends into her shirt!”

Mid-day snack where le fats were explaining to us the trick to identifying a male and female crab (left and right respectively).

Preparation for tonight’s dinner feast. I was mainly being a dj and providing eye power as they didn’t need my help~ fats was wrapping bacon with scallop!

In the end mom tasked me to go bake some buffalo wings

So many ingredients for our steamboat bbq tonight

Table layout. Seating arrangement all messed up because my dad suddenly decides he wants to sit elsewhere 😒

This “unappealing” bowl of soup is my family’s onion soup recipe. Best ever, haven’t tried anything outside that could match up to it!

My mom’s prawn cocktail appetizer is 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

Tonight’s beverage choice!

Steamboat bbq was so fast and furious, fats were pleading for us to slow down cuz he can’t keep up 😂 Super shiok I must say!

Our x’mas tree!

Mulled wine, german style!


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