Estee Lauder Fall 2015 Collection #2: Pure Color Envy Eye Defining Singles

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Eye Defining Singles, SGD46

Moving on to the eyes, Estee Lauder unveiled 24 whopping Pure Color Envy Eye Defining Singles, ranging from the softest nudes to the boldest hues, to inspire the artist in each and every one of you! Available in matte, velvet, brilliant and luminous (shimmer intensity in ascending order), mix and match your perfect shades to build up a collection of your favourite colours~ Each Pure Color Envy Eye Defining Singles comes in a sleek simple compact designed with its classic navy hues, look at the swatches below and be spoilt for choice:

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Eye Defining Singles Swatches

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Eye Defining Singles combines the best properties of cream, powder and gel all-in-one to create the perfect colour and texture. When applying, I appreciate how they melt easily onto my lids to create a rich, creamy intensity of pure, even colour without creasing throughout the day. You can apply them either wet or dry, with the former giving extreme colour and depth whilst the latter is softer and more transcluent. There’s no right or wrong way of using these singles, because they are that simple and flexible to use.

My picks & eye swatches: Magnetic Rose & Impulsive Blonde

For me, I narrowed down my picks to Magnetic Rose & Impulsive Blonde as I find them perfect for an eyeshadow noob like me. I’m honestly not very good at blending and would rather skip it altogether, than to put myself through such daily torture. However, this collection came at a perfect timing as I was on a hunt for the perfect classic shades to give off the vintage vibes when pair it with my eyeliner and lippies… thus these two were my ultimate picks in the end. They are perfect for everyday wear and looks good on its own for a monochromatic look that I adore – with Magnetic Rose blending really well with my skin tone with just the right amount of colour and shimmer, whilst Impulsive Blonde gives the right amount of “pop” and light I require to pull off a Monroe look. Can’t wait to show you guys my #motd on the next post!

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