Albion Essential Skin Conditioner and Mist

Previously reviewed here a year ago, I have since moved on to various bottles of toner kindly given to me along the way and never had the chance to repurchase my Albion Essential Skin Conditioner. Luckily for me, I was once again bestowed with this beloved toner and have immediately incorporate it into my daily routine since my Perth trip. Voted as Japan No 1. repeat purchae, this familiar skincare product that needs no further introduction. Albion Essential Skin Conditioner contains Job’s Tears which is a healthy ingredient for skin, it can help beautify and whiten skin as well as getting rid of acne among other skin problems.

And frankly, I didn’t realize how good it was for my skin until recently when I’m on to my second bottle. As some of you may know, I have been going to Prive every fortnight for my Crystal Clear Facial as my acne and clogged pores have been a serious problem this year. Rotating among different products and even getting some topical meds from my doctor, nothing seemed to calm these zits down until I nonchalantly started using my Albion Essential Skin Conditioner. Within days, I noticed that the angry reds are much more subtle and my skin is no longer as bumpy as it was.

After close to a month of daily usage, I’ve also noticed that my skin is more supple and radiant. It could be due to the combination of supplements and daily exfoliant I’ve been using (will blog about them soon) alongside with the Albion Essential Skin Conditioner – but whatever it is, I ain’t complaining as long as I get good skin! 🙂

What’s even more enticing is that with any purchase of the 330ml skin conditioner, you will be receive a limited edition Essential Skin Conditioner Mist in travel size! I brought it along with me to Perth and it was god-sent. Every time my skin feels dry and tight, a few spritz goes a long way and my skin feels instantly refreshed and hydrated. I’m guessing that it is actually the same as a typical skin conditioner, but in a travel-friendly packaging. No complaints though since it does its magic and the nozzle is amazing in evenly spreading the product all over my face.

Another way of fully utilizing your Albion Essential Skin Conditioner is to use it as a moisturising mask! Simply soak a paper mask in Albion Essential Skin Conditioner and leave on skin for 3 to 5 minutes to bring back “life” to the skin. This helps to knock unbalanced, dehydrated, tired skin back into shape and the musky floral scent is relaxing to one’s senses.

Obviously, I can go on and on raving about my love for Albion Essential Skin Conditioner… instead, why don’t you pop over to Takashimaya, request for a demonstration (you may try asking for a small sample too) and who knows, you may just jump on the bandwagon yourself? ;p

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