CATALINA Geo’s Color Capsule Make Up Base


Catalina GEO Color Capsule Makeup Base is a base makeup product composed of small visible color capsule particles. Besides correcting skin and blocking sunlight, it also improves the natural skin color.

This makeup base is made of visible color capsules that contain a moisturizing and makeup-preserving essence; this makes it ideal to people with dry skin as it helps keep skin moist all day long. The texture is very light and absorbs super quickly into my skin. All you need to do is pump it once onto your palm and spread it evenly across your face. As I’ve received Catalina GEO Color Capsule Makeup Base in Pink, skin is left looking much brighter and less sallow than before,

Although Catalina GEO Color Capsule Makeup Base does not contain any oil, making it safe for those with sensitive skin, it does not control oil either. Whilst my U-zone was kept hydrated the entire day, unfortunately, my T-zone was super shiny by mid-day. Overall, I reckon that Catalina GEO Color Capsule Makeup Base would be much better suited for those with dry to normal skin.. and if you happened to have combination to oily skin like me, it will be more appropriate to be used in dry climates to keep skin moist and radiant.

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  1. March 5, 2016 / 11:59 am

    This product is amazing I actually have one as a gift and I dont know where to get them here in philippines it's nice to know that there's a lot of colors…. Thanks for the info

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