Daeng Gi Meori Oriental Special Shampoo aims to protect and soften hair with prolonged usage. It contains more than 35% of ripe and enriched medicinal ingredients as well as a patented substance extracted from lily. Full of vitamins and minerals, its marine phyto-complex protects scalp with caulerpa racemosa extracts, antioxidative chlorella and deeply moisturizes with fermented Pseudoalteromonas. Other ingredients such as Wilfordii root, false daisy and hazelnut extracts also give energy and vitality to tired and dry scalps. Last but not least, it contains keratine and camelia to treat damaged scalp from within and reinforce its elasticity. It uses natural surfactant so it does not irritate.

This came just in time for my sister who is back home for her mid-sem break. As she has a history of dropping an astonishing amount of hair, I gave her the bigger bottle whilst I tried out the smaller one. Two heads are better than one anyway~ First up, don’t be fooled by the oriental theme.. the scent is anything but that! In fact, it is akin to the good shampoo brands we get to enjoy in salons – an invigorating treat 🙂 We love how easily it foams and cleanses our scalp/hair thoroughly, yet at the same time doesn’t rip too much moisture off; ideal for our oily scalp. Hair was left feeling really soft and smooth, but not oily, we’re giving it a two thumbs up!

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