The Body Shop Vitamin E Eye Cube


Retailing only at SGD$19.90, The Body Shop Vitamin E Eyes Cube works like a handy mini balm that helps keep dark circles at bay, depuff eye bags and diminish dry lines. It’s not every day we’ll come across an anti-fatigue eye care product comparable to an upsized lip balm which claims to instantly revives and refreshes the eye area to fight signs of tiredness caused by dryness.

After using this product for two months, I’m really pleased with how it keeps my preppers hydrated and absorbs super fast. I would class it under the basic eye-care product that everyone should own on their vanity table, even the lazy ones have no excuse to not own one. It hydrates with slight shimmer to brighten your eyes, doesn’t feel heavy nor greasy against the skin (no milia seeds despite daily usage) and works pretty well under my makeup too. On nights when I feel that my eyes need extra pampering, I will layer it with Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum for that extra nourishment. To sum it up, it’s a basic fuss-free eye cream that’s also fragrance free, value-for-money (2 months and I’m not even halfway through) and super convenient to bring around. What’s not to love? x

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