7 Instagram-worthy places in Hong Kong (connected by VisondataSG)

First and foremost, I apologise for the impromptu hiatus on the blog.. I had so much plans and ideas but I got completely overwhelmed – with work, with my social life, with my family, with my recent trip etc, all I wanted was to take a step back and breathe. The only time I had was a short post on instagram before I disappear from the social media world. Thank goodness for these 4 days worth of Chinese New Year break for me to sort everything out before I get buried under my pile of work again next week. Yes, hopefully I will be able to settle down into my new work routine before I dare plan anything again.

Talking about my recent trip to Hong Kong, well to be honest I hated it. The last I’ve been to HKG was 10 years back and so much had changed, I felt like a lost sheep trying to sort my way out of the crowd all the time. Every time I took a step back to appreciate the sights and perhaps even snap a picture, the pushing and shoving came. Overcrowded, over-commercialised and overhyped; I came back more exhausted than before.

Amidst all the hate for the crowd, my family and I did managed to cover some pretty good touristy spots in HKG which I would love to share with you kitties today:

1. 1881 Heritage

I’ve always have a soft spot for good old colonial buildings as they always look so beautiful in pictures, each brimming with their own stories to tell. Transporting you the Victorian-era of HKG, 1881 Heritage was once the headquarters of the Hong Kong Marine Police. Cells where pirates and smugglers were held can still be found within some parts of the building, it now combines historical attractions with contemporary pursuits such as international fashion brands, restaurants and bars. Not forgetting that it is also one of the most popular locations for wedding photography too!

2. The Penninsula

A HKG landmark, The Peninsula has been serving guests since 1982. The oldest hotel in Hong Kong that redefines luxury hospitality experience, the old world charm makes it a joy for dad and I to start snapping about. Despite its hefty price tag, don’t be surprised to see tourists and locals queuing for afternoon tea an hour or two beforehand.

3. Lantau Island

Moving on from old colonial buildings, we have one of my favorite destination in HKG. We tend to travel by ferry and bus up to The Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery before taking the cable car back down. I’m not a devout buddhist unlike my maternal family, but I’ve always love a trip to temples – to pray and to admire the majestic architecture each has to offer.

(Despite the no-photography sign, you’re actually allowed to photography the majestic grandeur of the interior architecture.. at the entrance)

4. Stanley Market

Another mini road trip to the south coast of HKG lays a quaint village of random knick-knack stores and eateries along the seaside strip. It is definitely one of the few places left in HKG that is not as over-commercialized and overcrowded, a good breather away from the hustle and bustle in the city.

5. The Peak

This is one of the must-go touristy spots in HKG as it offers a stunning 360-degree panoramic view across the Hong Kong, perfect scenic spot for photography – especially at night! We would have love to take the peak tram but it was beyond packed with tourists and definitely not worth queuing 2-3 hours for, so we took a bus instead. If you have some spare moolahs, why not try The Peak Lookout Restaurant too(which tends to get fully booked with reservations real fast, we were lucky to walk-in without waiting)?

6. Victoria Bay

Known as the city of (night) lights, one can choose to take a boat trip along Victoria Harbor to enjoy the night scenery and lights show… or you can just stand by the pier for some equally awesome shots too.

7. Ocean Park

Last but not least, we choose this over HKG’s Disneyland because JPN is obviously way better; and also because we have fond memories of this place the previous time we were here! Bad move though, as it was brimming with tourists way more than ever before. Ultimately, we skipped all the rides and had fun exploring the aquariums, squealing at the sight of seals and walrus, and keeping really quiet whilst admiring the pandas and golden monkeys 🙂 However, we queued close to two hours for a cable car ride down.. not cool at all.

Obviously there are loads more hidden gems in Hong Kong that I have yet to discover… some other time with more time to spare and much lesser crowd I hope? We’ll see~

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