Ettusais Nail Color Collection – Swatches & Review


If you’ve been following me on instagram, you would have seen I kick-started 2014’s Christmas season with lovely nail polishes and prep for 2015 in my favorite annual planner from Ettusais! I have no idea why these babies are not talked much about in this beauty world but boy do I have loads to rave on.. Think small cutesy limited edition bottles at only $10 a pop, the size is just perfect for people like me who wants to own almost every shade of nail polish available in the world but can never get around to finishing them. Don’t you ever find it a waste when your 3/4 bottle of nail polish dries up before you even get around to playing with them after the initial swatches? Other than the handy mini bottle, they dry up really fast (even with two coats) so I didn’t have to worry much about accidentally smudging it *hurray*

Ettusais Nail Color Collection Antique Color in #7

My favorite shade of the entire collection, this sumptuous gold shade appears matte and sparkly all at the same time! As seen in majority of the Antique Color Holiday collection, this is quite a muted color but is more than perfect for you to jazz up an all-black outfit – classy and sophisticated.

Ettusais Nail Color Collection Antique Color in #1

You know that you can’t go wrong with red nail polish when even our famous kebaya girls can never been seen without rocking one. I especially love the reds because they goes so well with my tattoo!

Ettusais Nail Color Collection Antique Color in #5

On days when I am feeling a girly girl, I reach for this almost nude pinkish shade. I suppose I am lucky that it really complements my skin.

Ettusais Nail Color Collection Antique Color in #2

This gorgeous midnight blue won loads of my girlfriend’s hearts. I wish I could do better justice to how beautiful and classy this shade truly is~

Ettusais Nail Color Collection Antique Color in #4

I understand that grey is never an easy shade to pull off, and could even make you look all dull and washed-out. So here’s a tip, add some silvery glitter to bring some sparkle into an otherwise boring set of nails 🙂

Ettusais Nail Color Collection Antique Color in #3

Never was a fan of green nails, I gave this understated camo-cool hue a go and fell head over heels its edgy youthful spin. Guess who’s a fan now?

Ettusais Nail Color Collection Antique Color in #6

This shade, I’ll admit, is a tough shade to pull off. The guys that I hung out with didn’t like it, maybe because of my skin tone? I suppose the trick is to wear it with really short nails or just use it for the toes (with some nail art on the big toe). Tricky but if you’re fair as Snow White, this will be no problem at all 🙂

Ettusais Nail Guard

Ending this post off with the revolutionary triple action nail guard! Priced at SGD$24, this superb strengthener enriched with Extra-fine Nylon Fibre, Jojoba Oil and Macadamia Nut Oil will not only protect your nails from further cracking, it will also help to conceal stained yellowish nails thanks to its milky-pinkish beige concealer too. I actually applied two coats of it so as to give off a slightly opaque feel. Use it as a base coat or on its own, that’s your prerogative!

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