Estee Lauder Little Black Primer


Due to my naturally long eyelashes (thank you Daddy), I’m always on a lookout for the perfect mascara that gives me sky-high thick lashes all day long since I can easily do without falsies. But what I have learnt along the way is how important a good primer is to help lashes hold their shape whilst staying curled and voluminous all day. Estee Lauder’s Little Black Primer is a 3-in-1 versatile primer that belongs in every dressing tables for sure – well for me, it owns a permanent spot in my makeup pouch.

A makeup prep-step that creates the ideal base for longer, fuller lashes that stay flexible healthy; the Little Black Primer is a lightweight mascara, super long wearing (can last even overnight!), a water-resistant topcoat.. well, basically everything you ever wished a mascara should have all packed into one. The formula is light enough to wear under your favorite mascara for extra volume and support, but the soft black shade means that you can use it alone for a subtle everyday look. Not to mention, the gently curved brush adds extra curl and lift when coating every single one of my lashes!

1. Use it alone as a Tint:
– A long-lasting natural look
– Subtle curl, length and volume
– Smudge-resistant, flake-proof wear

2. Use it as a primer to Amplify:
– Reduce flaking and smudging
– Prepares and conditions the lashes for optimum curling, lengthening and volumizing
– Gives pigments a clean canvas to making blacks and browns look richer and deeper.
(If you have colored mascaras, it will help make the colors pop too.)

3. Use it as a topcoat to Set:
– Acts as a lightweight water-resistant sealant to your favorite mascara
– Improves the wear of any mascara, and also reduce flaking and smuging
– Boosts your existing mascara with another layer of pigment

Priced at SGD40, I find this really well worth the moolahs. The Little Black Primer is especially useful if you’re always on a go and would want something convenient to fulfil your needs. Need a lightweight mascara to open your eyes without looking like you have anything on? ✓ You found it! Prefer a more dramatic and volumize lashes for your events? ✓ Use it as a base! Wish your favorite mascara would last longer without smudging? ✓ Problem solved! It really is as simple as that. What made me like this Little Black Primer even more is the convenienvce in removing it without looking like a panda – just soak my cotton pad with my makeup remover, press it on my eyelids for 5-10 seconds and swipe, voila~ Ultimately, as long as I find something fuss-free that actually walk the talk, you can have my heart. Estee Lauder’s Little Black Primer, without a doubt, had mine in a flash. x

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