Beauty Empties: Nov/Dec 2014

I have been wanting to go about doing this for a while but empties post always seem kind strange – the idea of collecting all my worn-out empties to photograph, but I’m determined to have better time management this year and cover more beauty topics! Reason also being that I realize that very often most products I used are always love at first sight, but then when I get about halfway through I no longer feel the same way. Thus, it doesn’t make my initialy review sound legit anymore.. so won’t a follow up be much better? 🙂

1. Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil – I didn’t love this product as much as I thought I would afterall. It could be because my eye makeup is gradually getting heavier, I find that the Laneige Cleansing Oil didn’t clean my makeup as thoroughly as I had hoped it would and I often find makeup still being swiped off when I am using my toner (unless I use my micellar water prior to it). I find this decent for removing everyday light makeup whilst still making my face look bright and refresh.. but I would rather skip this extra step since it doesn’t exactly suit my needs or fulfil my quest to thoroughly cleansed skin.

Verdict: Will not repurchase.

2. Jurlique Rose Mist is perfect if you’re crazy over all things Rose like I am~ Don’t expect any major changes to your skin when using this cuz frankly, there ain’t much. It does its basic job in keeping my skin hydrated and relaxed, especially on days when I don’t feel like piling too much products on my face.

Verdict: I’m on my second bottle already!

3. Ettusais White Mist I have no idea why I’ve never blogged about this product before but O.M.G this is my holy grail to getting rid of back acne! I was first introduced this by the really nice Ettusais SA and I’ve never looked back since. I used to have really bad back acne in Oz (because of the horribly dry climate) and it got worse when I returned to Singapore. Trust me when I said I’ve tried all kinds of scrubs/shower gels/medication etc for this very hard to reach area and yet this is the only product that worked so far. I hardly have anymore these days but I do keep an extra bottle for those emergency moments!

Verdict: Definitely a must-have if you’re prone to back acne.

4. Ettusais Clear Spots Superior has always been very much recommended by me if you’re a frequent sufferer of nodules like I am. This is especially useful if you’re good at identifying nodules at a very early stage, just dab the product religiously on the troubled spot and it will be gone in approx 2 days. It is very gentle and doesn’t cause your skin to peel, I’m actually on my 3rd bottle… so this should proves how much I love it 🙂

Verdict: Try it if you are prone to nodules!

5. Ettusais Homme Clear Spots is used on regular acne. I’ve always avoided purchasing skincare products for male as they tend to be much harsher on my skin than the usual skincare. Not for this though. I was introduced this by Ettusais SA too, who told me that I should consider using this as it is much stronger and effective for my acne. It works out beautifully, though not a holy grail that I would swear by, I have seen it does its job without causing my skin to peel.

Verdict: I honestly won’t mind using it again. Until I find my holy grail that is.

5. GlamGlow Youthmud should be no stranger to most, but is it really that good as it claims to be? Between the Youthmud and Supermud, I much prefer the Supermud for its acne/blackheads/whiteheads clearing properties. Perhaps that is what my skin needs at the moment? That being said, Youthmud is really good in clearing the junk off my face for a brighter and more radiant complexion. Though there have been complains on how some skin are too sensitive for the Youthmud, it worked just fine on me.

Verdict: If I have to choose one, I would personally prefer Supermud. Otherwise, I’m good with either.

6. Origins Out of Trouble is one of my favorite clay masks out there! This has always been the one I would go for if I happen to have breakouts, blemishes or obvious redness. Although it doesn’t combat acne pronto, it works fast at calming irritating skin and controlling oil, without causing my skin to dry up at all. Definitely one of those clay masks I always reach out for when I’m having breakouts!

Verdict: I need to stock up on this!!

7. St. Ives Green Tea Scrub has been my morning ritual for the past two years. I’m at my second bottle and there’s really nothing to complain about this facial wash. The exfoliating beads are super gentle and can be used daily without causing skin to dry out or feel irritated. I do noticed that when I am religiously using this every morning, my skin tend to have lesser whiteheads – something which I am very prone to due to my oily skin. And for that, I really can’t find no reason not to love this product at all!

Verdict: Affordable pricing that is gentle enough for everyday use, need I say more?

P.S If you’re interested in reading the initial review of each product, simply click on the product name in bold to be directed!

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