Lifestyle Beat Episode 3: Food Chase Challenge

This has to be one of the episodes I enjoyed filming the most as it was a great challenge for us to truly be ourselves without much guidelines. Obviously one can’t help but feel dejected when rejected, I was really lucky to chance upon the most supportive group of boys ever. Thank you all for helping me out enthusiastically, super grateful to ya’ll!

So I was feeling pretty good about this episode, until I see a certain comment accusing me of cheating by getting a beetroot drink instead of a beetroot fruit. WTF~

It was hilarious seeing how self-righteous and morally upright this keyboard warrior think he/she is but let me put it simply: if I was so hard up to win this challenge by cheating, I would have done so with my first group of enthusiastic boys instead of searching for different crowd to help me out. Think about it, one boy for each item.. I would even have leftover to complete more eh?! The judging panel was with us throughout and they had the final say in this challenge; if at any point of time the beetroot juice was not allowed, they would have voiced it before it was even consumed. All I can say is that if you were not at the scene at any point of time, you’re simply just an anonymous coward who sit on your silly high house behind a computer screen and judge on what don’t know. By the end of the day, you may accuse me for all I care but I know I won this fair and square, even the entire BlackBox crew including Melissa would agree. That’s a fact and no amount of accusation of yours can deny that.

So suck it up bitch. x


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