TEALY Christmas Bundle Gift Set

Editorial Review

Look what came bursting in my Tealy Christmas Bundle Gift Set?!

Being an avid lover of my tea, I can never go a day without drinking a cuppa to perk me up. Therefore, I was really pleased with what Tealy has picked for me, awesome choice really!

Rose Oolong Tea: This premium Japanese tea is blended and scented with fresh rose blossoms in a delicate process that results in a refreshing and fragrant oolong tea. I have previously blogged about it (here), so do read up if you haven’t!

Peach berry Jasmine Sutra Rooibos: This sounds like a mouthful but it sure taste like a gorgeous rose-colored blend infused with sweet jasmine; created from a pairing of luscious strawberries, apple, apricot and peaches. This fruit blend with a hint of cream is perfect for tea parties, you can even be creative, chill it before throwing some fresh fruits in as well. Totally instagram-worthy by the way~

To celebrate this festive season, my dear readers will be able to enjoy an extra 5% discount when you purchase Tealy Christmas Bundle Gift Set! Simple quote XS1412055 and start stocking up on your tea now! ♥

In conjunction with this promotion, Tealy will be launching a #MyTealy Facebook campaign and the top 3 posts with the most likes will win a Tealy Christmas Bundle Gift Set! Go on, start liking their Facebook page and participate in the #Mytealy Facebook Campaign too (:


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