Halloween Special: The Exit + Zombie Tutorial

Despite the teeny weeny part I’d play in being part of the zombie makeup team, I am so proud of this BlackBox production.. won’t be spoiling it for you! Just watch it!

Some of my horrifying creations! To summarise: No latex was used in this, just mainly very smelly gelatin and glycerin (can be purchased at Phoon Huat). If you want to be more creative, you can also add in oats for texture, and stick tissue on your face to create “tightness”. Afterwhich, foundation was applied to match the skintone before we started playing around with black, brown and purple eyeshadows. Remember to poke some of your gelatin to create holes whenever you can and use either your eyeliner or mascara to line the holes – imperfection is beauty in this case. Lastly, apply fake blood mainly on the holey areas before spreading on the surroundings!

I’ve also managed to find some youtube tutorials that I reckon will be both helpful and inspiring for you. If you’re keen with my zombie look, video #2 will be a good reference. Enjoy! 🙂


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