PSLove – your period care package ♥


If you’re a guy about to skip this post due to its title, I urge you not to.. as this could be the sweetest thing you can do for your girlfriend during her period.

Females all go through the monthly agony of cramps, PMS and the bloody hassle since puberty. It is a painful (for many) cycle we go through every month wishing for something, and anything, to ease our discomfort.. and yes for our boyfriends to be understanding when our hormones go cray cray too!

Being with my bf for 9 years, I have been blessed to have a guy who is very used to the sudden angst and lack of patience every month – think tracking with a period calendar to anticipate my crazy mood swings, being able to swallow his temper and dissatisfaction when I lashes out at him due to my hormonal angst and impatience… well you get the gist of a guy who knows my period arrival better than I do. *shamefaced*

But let me introduce you something that just makes coping with aunt agony much easier, PS Love Period Care package! Basically, PS Love keeps track of your monthly cycle and delivers your essential period supplies and remedies to your door step one week prior to your period. If you’re as forgetful as I am at times, ain’t it a relive to have someone to handle all these nitty gritties?

For the guys, don’t you think it is a good idea to deliver a monthly box of ai xin package to cheer your girlfriends up? I know some may be quite embarrassed having to buy sanitary pads and tampons.. helpless even at the amount of choices available! A sweet gesture for the ones you love 🙂

So here’s my PS Love Period Care package consisting of my choice of pads (not going to explicitly show you all la, if you’re a female you already know how a pad looks like anyway), heat pads (woohoo!) and snacks to om nom nom at since I get extremely hungry during that period. The whole ordering process is very easy and hassle-free so do hop on over to PS Love to explore and give it a go ya?

P.S I had the heat pad on my tum tum upon realising the start of my period. Let’s just say, 1.5 hour bus ride to work with a heat pad = priceless. No cramps, just loads of warmth and comfort on the entire journey!


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