The Lady General: August Collection

I was over the moon when the opportunity to model for The Lady General arise again. As it was an outdoor shoot this time round, we woke up heaps early to get everything prepared at Phoebe’s (our awesome MUA) place. Pampered with freshly squeezed juice accompanied by shaomai from my lovely crew, I reckon I must be the only person who eats so much right before a photoshoot ;p

The cheongsams in this collection were much more fresh and casual so we toned down a little on the hairdo and makeup to bring out the fun! Couldn’t help but keep twirling around in the flowy dresses.. I think I have just mastered the art of swirling without the usual accidental upskirts~

During one of my mid-shoot conversations with Elaine, I got to that The Lady General is working closely with Mother & Child Project. To explain this briefly, a sewing contract work is provided under the Mother & Child brand for disadvantaged mothers (mostly single mothers with children) so that they can become economically self-sufficient.. so some of your cheongsams bought from The Lady General were actually meticulously sewn with love and pride. I love working for people who genuinely believe in a cause (as compared to certain organisations who exploit people’s kindness to meet their “KPI”), or the more so when it comes to women and children. “As a woman, we have a responsibility to really help and support other woman to do what we can do to help”, a quote I’ve recently gotten from VB and I just couldn’t agree more. What we do may not be much, but a little always goes a long way.

Do pop over to The Lady General for more shopping details ♥



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