Portrait Shots

Part 2 of the photoshoot I had with Fiona from Smittenpixels back in end 2012 (Part 1 here); this was taken in the Fullerton’s hotel room and the theme was steering more towards my preferred personal shots. As you can see later on below, they aren’t your typical cheery shots filled with sunshine and smiles.. instead it was steering towards something more serious, something more me.

I’ve once had an annoying keyboard warrior questioning me why do I always like those “emo” pictures in tumblr and stuff, was I depressed or something? Well yes and no I suppose. I like collecting beautiful artistic pictures that channel my thoughts and outlook in life, even when it may not give off the most positive vibe ever. Yet those are the ones that I feel are the hardest to capture and always invoke a huge sense of inspiration in me. But yea, this set of portrait shots were inspired from my private collection.

I’m always open to collaborating in fashion shoots and whatnots (no “artistic” nudes or whatever some perverts may like to call it tho) that are different from the usual photoshoots we tend to see in social medias these days. So if you’re keen, do hit me up at paperkitties@gmail.com with what you’ve got and I would love to work with you 🙂



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