A woman’s strength

We call someone a ‘pussy’ for being weak, even though the vagina contains incredibly strong muscles capable of pushing out human beings that weigh over three kilograms. When someone does something brave, we say they have ‘balls’, even though the testicles don’t seem to do much except hang around, produce sperm and get squeezed out the side of briefs as a gross party trick — Benjamin Law, Frankie Magazine Issue 40.

It is not easy being a woman in a society that is still strongly dominated by men in virtually all spheres, especially where slut-shaming is still considered a norm. Women are constantly perceived to be more passive, easily influenced and less competent. As a woman, I also do not have the luxury to go wherever I want, however late in the night I desire, especially at certain places. The constant fear of being mugged, kidnapped or raped will always affect my careful decision making in many aspects of my life. If you haven’t already know.. yes, my family lives in Malaysia and that is one of the main reason why I moved out of the house as soon as I was financially stable.

Yet, that doesn’t mean that living in Singapore has been a breeze as I still have my fair share of daily perverts that I seemed to have the misfortune of attracting, like bees to honey. Countless times, I encounter sick bastards who think it is their right to snap pictures of me with their handphones or let their flaccid penis play peek-a-boo from their pants… apparently having a hulk-like boyfriend right by my side doesn’t deter them from such inappropriate actions either.

My sentiments exactly.

But, all these doesn’t make me dread being a woman. No. I am so bloody proud to be one. One who is independent enough to live on her own and fend for her own, one who has the guts to be optimistic and make decisions for herself without finding the constant need to seek approval. As my favorite quote goes “a woman will always be dependent until she holds a purse of her own“. And boy does being independent feels liberating – suck it up egoistical bigots. When you’re independent, you no longer need to constantly rely on others and be subjected to disappointment and tantrums. Nor do you see the point in being threatened or have your decision affected by the ones whom you are dependent of. I have had my fair share of shit whilst growing up, so I knew exactly how all these feel. And the relief to be cut off from these.

I find joy in attempting to challenge both private and public expression of men’s power and dominance. I may be weaker in physical strength compared to men but that doesn’t mean I do not know how to use it to my advantage. When it comes to intellect, my Bachelor cert and my working experience will prove that I am not any less capable than the opposite sex. And in fact, I may have certain knowledge that I am much stronger than most of them.. say beauty or history (closet history nerd here) or even simple things like being street smart. And oh, my increasing skills in dealing with pervs. I grew up commuting to and fro Singapore in a school bus filled with boys (same age group: 5 girls, 16+ boys); I have my fair share of fighting and debating with with them, but also knowing them on a very personal level. Challenge men without using your sex appeal, without allowing them to treat you like just another object to stick their dick in.. and you will be amazed.

The society is kind on men’s flaws, and even find excuses to match up with it, whilst we women suffer the double standards by being called bitchy, slutty, emotional etc. Seriously, when do you ever hear a man being called a slut? Nope, he is called a player who knows his way around women instead _|_ I am very strong and opinionated so I may come off too harsh to many, and even create a lot of problems for myself. But I am thankful to have a boyfriend that respects me for who I am and treat me as an equal. (Tiny disclaimer here before some over-sensitive ones make a big fuss) Obviously not all men are like these, just SOME, you just have to find the right guy or be happy without one 🙂 This month is all about celebrating women, and as a tribute to International Woman’s Month.. here’s 5 top reasons why being a woman is so bloody AWESOME:

1. PMS- yet another excuse to bitch at men

2. 2 words – multiple orgasms

3. Women enjoy a wide variety of fashion, hair and makeup choices

4. A woman can also easily adjusts her height (and her looks) 😉

5. Women own their feelings



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