BNT News : Nature Republic Snail Solution (Booster, Emulsion and Cream)

Editorial Review

Primarily marketed as an acne solution, snail mucus is used in skincare products to brighten and whiten one’s skin tone, to regenerate and heal your skin. They are reportedly booming in notoriously beauty product-obsessed South Korea, so this is one of the many options you can consider to try out.

Product information on this Nature Republic Snail Solution set were in Korean so I did a little research online instead.. turns out that the numbering (70, 80, 90) signifies the percentage of snail mucus! In other words, Nature Republic Snail Solution 80 Emulsion simply means it contains 80% mucus~

(Not as big as I thought it would be)

The booster reminded me of SQ’s airplanes while the emulsion and cream smell like Plasticine.. I know it is a super weird way to describe how this range of products smell like but it is what it is! The only good thing is that it is not as strong and overbearing as Verikos Collagen Tightening Cream, so I still find it acceptable.

For people who are trying out snail creams for the first time will mostly likely be put off by the texture since it is very slimy. Lucky for me, I have tried snail essence sheet masks before and like what they do to my skin. Therefore, I am able to use this range of products with a much open mind. November BNT beauty box was mainly skincare products so there was a lot of comparison on my side to decide which skincare product I like most. It was a tough fight between the Verikos Aloe Calming Oil and the Nature Republic Snail Solution… but I would choose the latter when it comes to regular usage of skincare products. While the Verikos Aloe Calming Oil is good for targeted problematic spots like my eczema, the Nature Republic Snail Solution package is good for everyday usage (once again, I only use it at night). The products absorb easily into my skin so it was easy to ignore the icky slimy texture (not at all greasy tho) after awhile; waking up to matte skin which simply just means that my skin was well moisturized and hydrated whenever I use this range. I particularly like how my face looks much brighter and clearer whenever I am using this product; I will definitely continue on with this routine and hopefully have my acne scars lightened in the long run. So yup, the Nature Republic Snail Solution is definitely my top pick in this November BNT beautybox!

I’m down to one last product to review tomorrow… can you guess what it is?
*Hint: makeup*


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  1. December 16, 2013 / 8:21 am

    Oh so that's what the numbering meant! Why didn't I get that info while I was researching? T_T anyway, I really like reading your review Alene. Really different perspective from mine and the other girls' review. 🙂

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