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For someone who prefers savoury food (we Germans love our sauces and gravy, lol), it is pretty hard for me to like anything artificially sweet like cakes and cupcakes. I much prefer the HK and Taiwanese desserts with heaps of fresh fruits. This kinda explains why I hardly post pretty pictures of sweet pastries in my instagram… so you can imagine how hard it is to win my heart!

But every now and then, a hidden gem will be found and I am so glad to have know about { The Audacious Cakery } all thanks to Nic! It has been a long time since I have thoroughly enjoyed such desserts – they are delectable and presented in such an upmarket style, I still find it amazing that they are happily nestled under our neighborhood blocks at such reasonable prices. Unpretentious cafes like these are the ones that I am willing to travel and pay for ♥

First up, cakes!


Orange mousse with champagne, served with a tart raspberry compote and topped with red currants.

Monet was the very thing that caught my eye… when it comes to alcohol compote cakes, I have heard of baileys and rum infused cakes but champagne was definitely my first! Taste-wise, the champagne is very light on my tastebuds and complements really well with the fresh red currants and raspberry compote; very well-balanced. No wonder it was listed in I-S Magazine’s 50 Things to Eat Before You Die!


Mango, coconut mousse with a fresh mango and papaya

A must-try for the fruits lover, this coconut + mango combo is akin to the famous Thai mango dessert. Topped with a candied flower and a generous portion of fresh mangoes and papayas, it will make a really pretty b’day cake don’t you think? Melt-in-your-mouth mousse that tastes like freshly blended mangoes accompanied by fresh tropical fruits, you will be surprised that they do not overwhelmed one another – very refreshing and flavorful.

Yummy hey~

How can we forget the cupcakes?!

Irish Cream


You can really taste the liquer in the Irish Cream cupcake and it is super awesome! What’s the point of having alochol-infused cupcakes if you can’t taste any right~ lol. Matcha lovers will love how rich the matcha taste too. Overall, the cupcakes are really moist and fluffy. If you prefer something sweeter, the cupcakes and their extremely rich buttercreams willl not fail you 🙂


But overall in the cupcake category, it was the strawberry cupcake that won my heart. I love how the buttercream taste of fresh strawberries, sweet and slightly sour; far from those artificial ones I have tasted elsewhere. It kind of reminds me of my favourite strawberry flavored Häagen Dazs ice cream!

Macarons (L-R): Lemongrass, Passionfruit Creamcheese, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Earl Grey

With exotic flavors like lemongrass, chocolate earl grey etc, these lovely macarons are heaps cheaper than most out there – 6 for $11.50, that’s barely $2 a pop! The salted caramel was my favorite of them all, salty with a tinge of bitter caramel… couldn’t be any more perfect than this ♥

They actually have a savoury menu coming up and I am already eyeing the butter crab sandwich~

The husband and wife team pride themselves in hand crafting gorgeous and yumilicious desserts with specially imported high quality ingredients. They also pay intricate attention to designing these babies so as to captivate all of your senses.

I also had a strawberry shortcake for take-away and the strawberries are so big and yummy!! I shamefully devoured them all behind fatty’s back :X They were so thoughtful to stick a tiny blue-tack below so that careless me won’t ruin it like how I did for fatty’s Canele b’day cake slice (it was damaged beyond recognition, the cream was all over the box -.-)

For those dining in, they serve TWG teas and Chye Seng Huat Hardware coffees! You will also be pleased to know that there is no extra GST and service charges 🙂

Ending myself with Sharryl, the gorgeous mastermind behind all the lovely desserts ♥


The Audacious Cakery
Block 2 Everton Park, #01-61
Singapore 081002
+65 6223 3047


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