BNT News: Veikos Ultra Matte Velvet Primer

Editorial Review

Product Description: Porous powder gives light and silky texture while absorbing excessive sebum from the skin to balance the moisture and oil of the skin. The oil-free primer tones the skin texture and corrects the skin tone without causing irritation.

The primer aims for sebum control and pore care to help the makeup stay put for a long time whilst looking fresh! The product also contains Vitamin A & E which helps remove free radicals that are harmful for the skin. These vitamins will make the skin tone healthier and clearer while also giving protection from damage and keep the moisture locked in. It is also 6 Free-Formula: no paraben, talc, artificial dyes, synthetic perfume, mineral oil and alcohol.

I generally skip facial primers in my routine as they tend to make my skin oilier ultimately, so I was pretty intrigued when I noticed it claims to keep skin matte up to 10 hours with sebum control powder! The primer has the appearance of a BB cream – thick and in nude color (tho the shade makes no difference ultimately cuz it blends really well to one’s skin). It feels slightly silicone-y and greasy when I apply initially, but after some blending.. I was surprise to notice how matte and velvety it turns out to be.

Veikos Primer is comparable to Benefit’s Porefessional in terms of colour, texture and wear but I reckon the former does a much better job in sebum control. I also like how smoothly the primer glides and covered my pores. Plus point is definitely due to the fact that it doesn’t gives me breakouts, unlike Laura Mercier’s primers, and my skin remains matte much longer than before. Definitely something I will be using when I am out for a really long day and wishes to be picture perfect 🙂


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