My Purefect Getaway with Biotherm!


Biotherm has recently launched the PureFect skincare range which is suitable for people who have combination to oily and imperfection-prone skin. The key ingredient is L.Digitata: a marine algae that provides effective anti-bacterial protection to help matify the skin, whilst keeping it balanced, hydrated and clear of blemishes! Was mad excited when I got invited to the Purefect Skin media party to experience these amazing products 😀

A live baby oil experiement by the lovely girlies: Yina and Kirsten

Intrigued? The entire time I was watching the demonstration and getting to personally experienced the amazing oil absorption on my hand, all I wanted was to lay hands on them immediately. Definitely felt like a god-send solution to my oily skin! Lucky me, Biotherm was so thoughtful and generous to surprise us bloggers with the entire range to experience and pamper our skin with.. I was enthralled 😀

The Purefect Range

Decided to try this for 2 weeks before giving a proper review and I must admit that my skin is loving it so far! Unlike most oil-control skincare products, my skin is still kept well hydrated and supple. This range definitely delivers what it promises and is more than perfect for Singapore’s humid climate ♥

Purefect Skin Anti-Shine Purifying Cleansing Gel

I’ve always believed in gently cleansing the skin in the morning and be more rigorous with my skincare regime at night. Thus, I decided to incorporate the entire Purefect range into my morning routine since I especially like how gentle the cleansing gel feels with a relatively thin consistency. When I first tried the cleanser, it felt really refreshing due to the L.Digitata extract ingredient that left a slight cooling effect without drying the skin. A perfect perk-me-up for someone who is not a morning person at all!

Purefect Skin Micro-exfoliating Purifying Lotion

The next step to my morning routine is this astringent toner that leaves me feeling revitalised. This toner contains salicylic acid which helps to reduce sebum production on the skin and helps to unclog pores. The toner is quite effective as an exfoliator and purifier to help maintain the balance in my skin. It gently removes the last traces of impurities and preps the skin for moisturizer application with my pores visibly refined.

Purefect Skin Hydrating Gel

Here comes the star product! Just like the rest of the Purefect range, this moisturiser has a light texture and cooling effect. A refreshing and hydrating moisturizer with mattifying powder, it is perfect for combination and oily skin. After gently massaging the product onto my skin, I noticed that my skin is instantly matte but moisturized. There is no greasy after-feel and my makeup glides easily onto my skin. By mid-day, my makeup hardly smudge on the T-zone (unlike the usual) and a light touch up is all that is needed for the entire day. Definitely a life-saver for me!

Purefect Skin Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution

A transparent gel which targets imperfections during breakouts, use locally to purify skin quickly. My skin has been good these days so I didn’t really have much use for it. It smells like the other products in the Purefect range and absorbs super fast onto my skin. Comparing to other acne gels, this is definitely ideal as it doesn’t cause weird smudges (especially when makeup is applied) around the areas where I apply it on my skin.

I reckon the only thing I didn’t like about the Purefect range is the scent. The citrus scent is slightly too overpowering for my personal preference as I am way too used to using products that are mildy/not scented; the consoling part is that the scent disappears as fast as the products being absorbed into my skin so it doesn’t affect me much. Some of the girls at the event were particularly addicted to the scent, so do note that it is just my personal preference 😉 I would definitely recommend this range to those who have combination to oily skin, the Purefect solution to controlling the oil and shine around you T-zone especially. The products are extemely reasonably priced, $133 for the Purefect set exclusive of the acne gel! Go get yours today!


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