How to AVOID nodules..

I don’t know about you guys but ever since high school, instead of developing typical acne in the form of papule or pustule.. I get big nasty painful nodules that swells instead. When it swells, it forms a 1-3cm big bump that can be so sore, one can feel the pain without even touching it :/ Worse, no makeup can hide these bumps because they are so protruding and they last for at least a week or two to a month… I rather get those typical papule or pustule anytime, really. So you can imagine how much it destroys my self confidence when all I wanted was good skin, but all my raging teenage hormones produced were hideous swelling bumps :(((((

Keep Calm and Drink Tea
Two years into my horrible nodules-galore period in high school was where I started drinking tea as somehow I believed its antioxidant properties will help detox my body, get rid of the toxins and thus, hopefully, get rid of them. I did started noticing that the frequency of these nodules popping out from 2-4 a week had reduced to 1-2 a month. This explains my massive collection of tea in Adelaide and basically the main liquid I often hydrate myself with.

Do note that when I talk about tea, I meant loose tea leaves like green tea, white tea, rose tea, fruit tea etc.. not those that comes in little instant packets or tea bags like lipton or so.. somehow I just don’t trust them, too much preservatives I feel.

Ettusais Soap Bar
I swear by this. I have tried HEAPS of facial cleansers, H.E.A.P.S! and none works on my skin like this; it had been my lifeline for 6 years, the one product in my skincare routine that I refuse to change. It controls my oil production without stripping the natural oil and removes my make up thoroughly; through long term usage, I realize it helps keep my acne problems under control!

P.S This doesn’t necessary suit every skin type though. My gf with dry sensitive skin who also was facing the same skin problems as me found her skin breaking out terribly when she used this. I have extremely oily skin which is prone to acne and perioral dermatitis if I am not careful, this works extremely well for me. If you aren’t sure, they do sell these soap bar in sample sizes for you to try out

P.P.S If I read correctly, DHC soap bar uses exactly the same ingredient as Ettusais Soap Bar but due to the price difference and brand loyaly, I stick to Ettusais anyday!

Ettusais Clear Spots Superior
My holy grail when it comes to preventing nodules. I only happened to find this out by chance but oh my, it saves me from so many unnecessary hideous swells. If you are someone who gets nodules frequently, you will definitely know how it feels like when it is about to be inflamed/swell. Here is the most important part: the moment you feel slight soreness on a tiny part of your face, apply this treatment gel IMMEDIATELY! Within 1-2 application, I promise that the supposedly nodule will disappear completely; usually I apply 1-2 more times just to be safe 🙂 Like the product description stated “Intensive care to treat pimples! It quickly stops inflammation and suppresses itchiness, preventing new pimples from appearing!”

So remember, apply it the very moment you feel these pesky little nodules are coming and all will be well 🙂

Sadly, I have yet to find any remedies to chase these damn things away when I found out too late. The moment they start swelling and hurting, there is nothing I can do 🙁
If there is any tips or remedies you have when it comes to either avoid or treating nodules, do leave a comment and give me a heads up! Until then, I hope this entry is helpful in helping you to avoid getting one! 🙂


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  1. Anonymous
    January 8, 2013 / 12:36 am

    hi there! any recommendations for facial places? ty :))

  2. January 8, 2013 / 12:37 am

    Hello! Nope sorry, I don't do facials but if I could, I would be heading to Dr GL's clinic for any skin problems I have 🙂

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