B’day celebrations: w prissy!

Just like how I pampered Prissy on her b’day (just one mth before my birthday, thus I wld never ever forget), it was Prissy’s turn to pamper me.. teehee! We were still unsure of where to dine until we happened to chance upon Nanbantei on our way for our gelish appt. Had always walked past w a peek inside but never really dared to enter this small hidden gem so we decided to give it a go; were heaps lucky to get seated w/o reservation. Love how the open concept allows us to enjoy watching the chefs prepare our mouth-watering skewers on the charcoal grill… totally reminded me of Yakitori Takumi in Adl!

I forgot which set we had.. either C or D which includes the grilled fish and very addictive miso soup hotpot! The assorted yakitori were grilled wonderfully; very juicy and flavorful especially those that were wrapped with bacon. Do note that the veggie appetizer is charged at $2 per serving and it is best to inform the waitresses that you do not want the appetizer if you’re not a raw veggie person like me.


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