Ming’s Farewell!

Not long after Haven left ST, it was time for Ming to leave after living in Adl for close to 7 years. Farewell dinner for Ming at East Taste.. famous for its salt and pepper oysters! I love their salt and pepper eggplant too, very yummy! Followed by a ST clubbing session at LAVISH. In fact, King’s gf was actually holding her b’day celebration at Lavish on that very night whilst we just used it as a brilliant excuse to crash her party.. Teehee.

The boys! Mainly the managers to be exact 🙂

Legendary salt and pepper oysters!

I love to eat!

My sisters!

My Kako dearest 🙂

Typical guys who won’t stop talking about work even after closing -.-

Whilst we girls & Ming just love to talk about everything under the sun.. 😀

Harry Potter and his wand.. lol

Farewell speech!

ST grp pics spam ahead!

Dessert Story after dinner.. us 4 just like old times!

My Joyce dearest!

Our LAVISH clubbing outfit for the night~


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