Dreams will be dreams…

It had been a while since I’d blogged a rather personal entry of my thoughts and life. I am about to reach a crossroad in my life where crucial life-changing decisions will need to be made in a couple of months time. So many pros and cons to weigh, one wrong decision could fuck me up w heaps of regrets for a long while at least.

For a long while I had been really unhappy with my life in Adelaide. Due to the fact that I choose to work over clubbing/socialising, my social life had been down the drains basically since my first year down under. Poor pay, poor working hours and environment, relationship going downhill, hopeless housemates, language barriers etc… the list was never ending. It came to a point where I finally reached my limit and made a harsh decision to return to Singapore upon my graduation because I was so sick of dealing with all these alone. I do pity my parents and boyfriend who have to deal with my constant fickleness and selfishness between staying in Oz or Sg, but I just want what is best for me.
Well that was until I found work at ST that is. As cliche as it sounds, I never really expected to ever feel this way in Adelaide. I’d worked at 5 different places ever since I arrived here and this was the only place I actually felt like I belonged somewhere. I immd clicked well with my workmates in a way it is as though I had been working for a year instead of a month, I love that the amount of work put in is directly proportional to my pay, my managers respected and appreciate my hard work put in to the point that I got a tiny promotion… words just can’t explain how it feels like to finally feel that all these shit I’d been through was worth it. And for once, teamwork is not just something that one say for the sake of it.
Furthermore, the choice of studying personal branding had allowed me to open up myself more in the world of social media after closing myself [for certain reasons] for the past years. All these decisions made had resulted in me finding the old me that I’d lost since I was 21 and I am actually finally content with what I have right now; I just can’t emphasis on how important it is to be confident and independent, what a massive difference it makes to ones life.
Alas, all good things will come to an end and it will all be memories in time to come. My main concern right now is knowing exactly when to let go of this lifestyle whilst I have it all.

On a lighter note, Kosuke san had been giving me closing shifts for these 2 weeks. Was initially whining to him for being cruel towards me [I hate cleaning up!!] but I just realize how beneficial it is for me actually! I am someone who can’t do any boring academic stuff until the clock strikes midnight before my brain allows me to fully concentrate in studying and if he is to keep up with this shifts for me until my exams, I can actually adjust to this nocturnal lifestyle without a hassle! And so here I was, studying boring corporate accounting after my 5.5 hours shift blasting my fave songs on youtube[which I never ever do after I work, too shagged to do so] and eventually got inspired to blog!

Here is a list of my favorite songs I am considering for my future wedding for now :X…

And here is my utmost favourite wedding video!

What’s your wedding inspiration? 🙂


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  1. May 26, 2012 / 3:44 pm

    It will be super depressing when u leave!

  2. May 26, 2012 / 3:45 pm

    I know love, will miss our weekly sessions 🙁
    Hopefully our end of year bkk trip will happen tho 🙂

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