Get Naked with March’s BellaBox

Just as I was about to leave S'pore for Adl, I found myself caught on the bandwagon of beauty boxes. Imagine my delight when I was able to find BellaBox available in OZ! For only $15 a month, the lovely ladies from Melbourne will be snailmailing me a delicious little box filled with cosmetic/haircare/skincare samples every month with no extra hidden costs 😀

Here's a simple explanation on how BellaBox works!

As we fall into Autummn, BellaBox has thoughtfully selected a range of natural organice beauty products to let our bare faces shine with confidence.
March's products include:
Yes to Carrots lip tint: totally loving how subtle but moisturising this product is!
Planet Eve's cleansing oil and facial balancing toner: currently saving it for a rainy day.
U Little Beauty natural hair shine serum: tried it once and I love the smell so so much! It is actually a hair mask instead of leave-on serum. You would be disappointed if you're hoping for it to leave your hair silky smooth and soft immediately. However, if you tend to have split-ends or your hair is drying up from all the hair-dyes and perms, then this definitely is something you should consider. It strengthens your hair inside out, leaving your hair looking much more healthier and less frizzy 🙂 
Biotherm skin vivo mask: I honestly dislike the smell, it smells like diapers :/ But quality wise, I reckon it is worth every penny cuz it deeply nourishes and rejuvenate my skin.
Bellamer eye balm: This product is mildy scented and it sure does moisturize my eyes heaps better than Jurlique's herbal eye recovery gel 🙂

Would you pay a monthly subscription to be surprised? I would definitely recommend giving beauty boxes a go for those adventurous beauty or makeup junkies who are just spoilt for choices [like me :/]. It is afterall much more ideal to learn more about new brands and products before investing a huge amount only to be disappointed. If you enjoy receiving parcels and be surprised, this is definitely something you should not miss out on!

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