Brisbane: Day Two

Boy was I heaps excited to be anticipating my fatty's arrival! Wanted to head to the city whilst waiting for him to arrive and our room to be ready.. however it was raining cats and dogs so off to The Barracks I go. Had breakfast at a dainty little place French Twist, oddly no photography was allowed so yea. Got bored eventually and decided to simply spend some moolahs for a half hour use on YHA's internet to pass time. Was reading through fatty's b'day wishes on fb when I chanced upon something I wasn't expecting and def should not have seen… :X

I finally get to meet my fatty at the train station after what felt like an eternity and boy were we elated! Felt so good to be in his arms again and off we walked back to YHA to check in. Questioned him about what I saw in fb but he said it was just something minute so ok.. Wanted to head to the city for a short walk but it was raining so heavily we did some unpacking instead 🙂

Thanks baby 😀

Fatty's b'day surprise Part II and Couple rugby attire :B

Decided to head to The Barracks again after we got way too hungry. Was waiting for our yummy burgers at FaB, fish & burger grill when he suddenly popped the qns! :O [That was what I questioned him w regards to fb btw 😉 His friends gave me a little hint w/o quite meaning to.. ] We were both so shy and it was so crowded from other rugby fans… hahaha. He didn't really go "full swing" yet because it is just part one [we are just perfectionist], but in the near future def 😉

My Bangkok Heat

His Royale

Done w our dinner and off to our much anticipated tri-nations match of the All Blacks Vs Wallabies at Suncorp Stadium 😀 Fatty wanted to proposed here initially but he was so afraid that the rain would spoil everything so he brought his whole plan forward.. hehe.

My engagement ring 🙂 and our tickets!

We were early..

No surprise who is supporting who..
Didn't support Wallabies cuz O'Connor wasn't playing :/

Supper at Pizzeria 1889 was hai hao lo…


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