Stretching that dollar~

1. Reuse your home brand cotton pads!
Yup, buying home brand cotton pads is not only cheap but they do not fluff up as well [I switch between Coles and Woolies]. I used to throw it away after using it once but felt that it is such a waste. Nowadays, I use both sides [morning and evening] for my toner, dry it before reusing it to remove my nail polish.

2. Buying basics clothing only during the sale!
I refuse to pay more than $15 max for basic tops or dresses because it just ain’t worth it. Furthermore, basics never do go out of season so why splurge on something so simple when I can just be patient and wait for the sale period. Perks of staying in Aussie would be the frequent amount of sales available, especially when there is a change in seasons. I buy most of my basics from Supre during their sale period as prices can go as low as $1 yet the quality are decent and comparable to most blogshops anyway.

3. Brew your own tea!
Except for bubble tea, haha. Instead of spending an average of $3 for a cup of plain tea, I might as well buy a packet of tea leaves and brew my own at home for the same price (x20 cups min).

4. Never say no to samples!
Man I have heaps of them, I never have to worry about preparing any toiletries for my roadtrips. I always ask for extras during my hotel stays, esp when staying over at Hilton w Blonde… crabtree & evelyn~ and I join memberships w places like Myer, Kiehl’s or beauty stores when they offer to. Thanks to Myer, I have since received heaps of samples from variety of brands ranging from perfumes, beauty products to makeup. Life’s good 😉

5. Think before you purchase..
for the most expensive thing you own will be the ones you’d only worn/used once. So think before you go crazy w impulsive shopping, especially if it comes w a hefty price tag. Average amount I spent per item would be between $20-$30, impulsiveness included. Anything more would have me thinking twice or patiently waiting for sales.

6. Work as a part-time waitress
if you are an international student like me, instead of retail outlets. Yea, its definitely much more glamorous selling clothes and getting major discounts but think about it.. is it a necessity? Most of my money is often spent on food, I can spend up to at least $100 on weekly grocery. As a waitress, I often bring home food for work and portioned it into two meals. 1. Save my time from cooking, 2. Save money from grocery shopping and buying food… means more money to shop 🙂

7. Online coupons!
Need I say more? They are all the buzz right now and you get the gist of the amount you get to save as well.. I recommend and[you can normally get the latter being your Coles & Woolies receipts] for my OZ friends and, and for my SG friends~ Do read up on “” for a better gist before you take the plunge w online coupons for the first time tho!

8. Recycle your containers!
The amount of money wasted to buy cutesy lil containers be it for food, skincare or accessories can pile up to quite a bit if you think about it. When it comes to food, I had some basics one from Ikea and the rest are either from my takeaways or ice cream/yogurt containers! Haha. As for accessories and skincare, I just accumulate the ones from skincare products I’ve used like The Body Shop’s body butter or Skinfood’s wash-off masks containers are uber awesome to recycle and contain my accessories. And because I have heaps of samples as well, I recycle those cute lil ones along with my empty MAC concealer ones to fill up skincare needed when travelling.


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