V’day: Tsukiji Gindaco & sour sally!

Believe it or not, after more than 5 1/2 years, we finally get to physically celebrate V’day on the day itself! Haha, that’s how “crazy” our r/s had been. It had always been the case where I’m in msia during the weekend, cny, he in army or simply us being anywhere else but by each other side. Intially, we wanted to omit this overrated celebration but we just couldn’t resist this rare opportunity I reckon? Haha. But yea, as mentioned earlier, we were not too keen in the overrated & overpriced celebration so it was just a simple date to satisfy my cravings. Only realised on the day itself that okonomiyaki with yakisoba was the perfect choice to our date due to a lil history! It all started during M1 touch rugby in front of taka when fatty & I were still friends and shy, we had a rare conv that involves him treating my fave okonomiyaki with yakisoba! Which he didn’t in the end cuz he spent it on maccas but yea, I still get my treat afterall~ 😀

Anyway had Sour Sally for desserts for I reallly want to try it.. even tweeted “I love Sour Sally” to get a free membership -.- Haha but their frozen yogurt is totally yumilicious, damn worth my moolahs!!

Love my dress but it was unfortunately slightly oversized :/

A lil chrome rose from my fats,
V’day prezie in “friends only” post for obvious reasons 🙂


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