TGIF! Tsukiji Gindaco & some bar at 313

Tried tako balls at Tsukiji Gindaco after much raved reviews heard but I much prefer the ones drenched in nacho cheese at PS 🙂 The macha was horrid tho :/ After fatty left for his mom’s cny cmpy dinner, I shopped up a storm in town whilst waiting for Nadya. Explored the whole of FEP, Taka and ION before my legs finally gave way and I chilled at TCC until Nadya finally arrived~ We girls walked all the way from ION to 313 because there was no decent bars for us to chill along the way [either that or it was too late and they were closed..] Poor fatty had to walk from Tanglin mall to 313 whilst we girls were deciding on a bar. But yea, good ambience w reasonable price I reckon 🙂


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