Hello beaches~

The wall beside a surf shop 🙂

Glenelg beach
Perfect weather for the beach so off we go! Treated fatty to fish and chips since he whining for one but let’s just say no one does it as good as CHIPPY’s beer battered fish w nacho cheese~~~
No photos of fatty suntanning, he was feeling insecure.. :X

Moana Beach
The beach for our surfing lessons! No snapshots of our surfing moments cuz we didn’t manage to have Jany tagging along (next round maybe?) but we did manage to stand on our first lesson.
I kinda got the hang of it on our 2nd lesson (despite our instructor commenting that I surf like a dancer -.-, not the first I’ve heard of definitely…), fatty got it on his first! 🙂
Do go to surfculture’s webbie if interested, prices are pretty reasonable too! Our instructor was Mark and he is major awesome 😀

We like $5.90 hotdogs w heaps of toppings~

Henley Beach
27km of cycling back and forth the city and Henley Beach. Quite a major feat for a lazy ass like me but I did enjoy myself w fatty tho 🙂 No photos of us, we were peeling too much from our surburnt faces to look decent in any pics -.-


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