Melbourne, Day 8

#1: Puffing Billy Railway
Met up with my darling Lois and Josh and off to Belgrave station we go! Perfect weather w the not so perfect crowd.. had fun nonetheless.
#2: Brighton Beach
Popped by Brighton on our way back to the city. More famous for its colourful huts that stores surf boards, it was certainly a pleasure to my eyes 🙂
#3: Hallah
We kept laughing at the name but well yea, its one of the recommended Korean Bbq restaurants in Melb and it is famous for its fried chicken too! Reasonable pricing and fabulous food! Waitress was bbq-ing the meat for us, so all we got to do is just sit and salivate 😉
#4: Easyway

I looked like a light bulb standing beside them -.-

Spot the Jap girls and their kawaii poses~

so we copied them.. LOL

Love them both! :))

Fatty’s home! Haha

Look at all my photobombers -.-“

Cutesy colourful huts at Brighton!

Dinner at Hallah!


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