Melbourne, day 2

#1: Don Tojo
Another must have in Melb. Ironically, it is always strategically located beside Es Teller; causing me to be spoilt for choices. Cheap, yummilicious and comes in massive portions.. what’s to complain other than being unable to finish it? 😀
#2: Harbour Town Shopping Centre
With this, I have officially conquered all 3 of Melb’s DFOs. Fatty bought more than me for once~
#3: Snacks and the city
of TienRen’s “healthy” bubble tea and Lord of the Fries w my fave gravy!
#4: Chilling at Workshop

Kept chanting “don don!don don!” much to Akira’s annoyance without realizing why until he had his first don don! 😀

Curry chicken don!! Cheap and awesome!

Fatty’s ultimate fave: don don bento box?! “awesomely good” quote Akira

Massive salmon don!

my fave gravy!

Melbourne Central

Chillax-ing at the Workshop

Wanjie and Mervin 🙂


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