Melbourne, Day 1

Melb trip w my lil fatty finally happened and boy was it awesome! My 3rd trip so far but I still love popping by just for good food and catching up w old pals 🙂

1: Es teller
A must-have for every melbourne trip! Satisfy my indo mee, otak2 and happy soda cravings every time~
2: All things RMIT
Kinda a promise made to fatty to admire his uni up close! (tho never as awesome as my “harry potter” uni :x)
3: Exploring around the city
4: Appetizer
Thai cuisine despite its odd name. Homies swear by that restaurant but sadly the chef cooks his dishes in accordance to his mood; he must be pissed judging by the extreme high level of spiciness even I can’t endure.
5: Walking back to Xuenie’s place~

Seafood mee goreng

Otak otak

L: Soda Gembira!!; R: A very happy lil fatty 🙂

State library


Melbourne musem

R: Our tower of beer.. SHIOK!

Wanted to keep the receipt for further reference when blogging but sadly.. I can’t read Thai!

Blurry pic taken by a lil ahlian..

Horrid finding! Can’t imagine the shopkeeper’s reaction the next day..


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