I kid you not when I say that Sydney is definitely the city to cure one’s homesickness when it comes to food. The Asian cuisines was so awesome, especially Chat Thai [damn shiok pls!], I swear all my cravings were satisfied there and then! Met up w my smelly melly after her being missing for ages [since my b’day to be exact] and we spent our day digging up awesome sales goodies whilst catching up on everything under the sun. Nothing beats a girly day out filled with shopping, good food and gossiping 😉

Paddy’s Market [ didn’t really get good buys like I shld tho :/]

Chat Thai for the most awesome Thai cuisine ever!

lunch time crowd

with Mel where our smiles were purely coincidental.. haha!

L: Easyway’s green apple green bubble tea is heaps good!

R: Queen Victoria all dressed up 😉

Queen Victoria Building

Optical illusion? Haha.

With Dorcas as well 🙂

L: Chinatown by day; R: by nightfall

At Mamak’s for Malaysian Cuisine! [yes I know it was meant for the day before -.-]

Bought awesome mochi!



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